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LIVE: £958.32
LBMA: £955.97 (AM)


Here at Hatton Garden Metals we are dedicated to providing our investments clients with a complete and reliable bullion service.

For clients that are looking to purchase gold and silver, there is no doubting that owning physical metal put you in a unique investment position, whilst further diversifying your portfolio of investments. At Hatton Garden Metals our unique online system allows you to complete your order online within a few minutes. We send all physical deliveries out for a next working day delivery. When the time comes for you to release your gold or silver back to us we offer you a variety of payment options all available at our store based in Hatton Garden, or via our website.

We offer a variety of stock for your convenience with a wide selection of gold and silver coins from across the world. The British coins usually attract investors’ attention due to their exemption from Capital Gains Tax based on the premise they are still a coin of the realm. We also stock a range of gold bars, including Metalor, Umicore, Pamp Suisse, Credit Suisse and many others. Our dedicated investment teams are always available to talk you though the stock options available to you.


Popular items in Gold Bars and Coins

ItemStockWe BuyWe Sell
1/10oz Gold Britannia 2016 5 in stock Spot - 0.00% Spot + 15.00%
1/10oz Gold Krugerrand 5 in stock Spot - 0.00% Spot + 16.00%
1/10oz Gold Maple Leaf 10+ in stock Spot - 0.00% Spot + 9.00%
1/10oz Gold Philharmonika 5 in stock Spot - 0.00% Spot + 13.00%
1/2oz Gold Kangaroo 5 in stock Spot - 0.00% Spot + 9.00%
1/2oz Gold Krugerrand 5 in stock Spot - 0.00% Spot + 9.00%
Best Value Gold Full Sovereign 10+ in stock Spot - 2.00% Spot + 3.50%
Gold Full Sovereign - 2012 10+ in stock Spot - 2.00% Spot + 8.00%
Gold Full Sovereign - King Edward - Head 3 in stock Spot - 2.00% Spot + 5.00%
Gold Full Sovereign - King George - Head 3 in stock Spot - 2.00% Spot + 5.00%
Gold Full Sovereign - Victoria - Jubilee Head 1 in stock Spot - 2.00% Spot + 6.00%
Gold Full Sovereign - Victoria - Veil Head 3 in stock Spot - 2.00% Spot + 6.00%

The price paid for items received by post is based on the morning gold fix on the day of receipt.
We reserve the right to use a live price for items received using our counter service.

Invest in Gold

Use our investment package tool to get suggestions. For a given spend the tool will calulate how you could spend your investment and what you could purchase, and will enable you to buy your items online or talk to us to discuss further.


Sell Your Gold Portfolio

Hatton Garden Metals are here to help you with all aspects of buying or selling your physical gold and silver.

When looking to release your gold investment, you can always visit our website, and list the stock items that you are bringing in to us. This will give you an accurate quote based on that morning’s Gold Fix price. Our coins and bars are listed separately on our form for your convenience. If you prefer to speak to one of our team member, please call the office on 0207 404 4000 and a member of our knowledgeable team will be able to talk you through the process.

Secured counter in our store in Hatton Garden allows you to bring in your gold / silver in person

Total transparency with no hidden costs

Same-Day Payment with full remittance advice


We have received over 1,000 reviews on FreeIndex and with over 40 years' experience in the gold industry we are proud of our reputation as a reliable, honest and trustworthy service.

Caroline Flynn-Ryan

5.0 out of 5
Extremely fast and professional service, very good rates paid for scrap gold. Impressed, and would use again.


5.0 out of 5
UNBELIEVABLE! paid me almost twice what the local auction house business estimated. Sent it Tuesday money in my bank after my confirmation of acceptance NEXT DAY! Delighted.

C. rainier

5.0 out of 5
purchased a few items of gold from HGM over past year and all were superb. Exact as description and magnificent value for money at less than half what a high street jeweller would charge. Staff are polite and friendly. Only have ..

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