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1kg Gold Bars

The 1kg (1000g) Gold Bar is possibly the most well know gold bar due to its portrayal in movies and television, offering the lowest premiums and best value for money that investors will find hard to resist. Available from London Bullion Market Association or LBMA approved manufacturers, this bar contains 1000g of fine, 999.9 fineness gold and offered VAT free to add even more charm to this desired investment gold bar.

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Buy 1kg Gold Bars

1000g Metalor Gold Bar

1000g Metalor Gold Bar


Best Value: 2.1%

In store collection or same day despatch available

Best Value 1000g Gold Bar

Best Value 1000g Gold Bar


Best Value: 0.9%

1000g Gold Bar (Sealed)

1000g Gold Bar (Sealed)


Best Value: 1.1%

1000g Gold Investment Bar

1000g Gold Investment Bar


Best Value: 2.5%

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1kg Gold Bars

Choose from a large variety of gold bars when you buy 1kg gold bars with Hatton Garden Metals. Buy 1000g of Gold from our London store, order online with FREE secured delivery or utilise our FREE 9 Month storage deal. We provide a secure service for buying 1kg gold bars at low margins. All our 1kg gold bars are from world re-known mints or LBMA recognised gold producers.

The 1kg Gold bar contains 1000g of pure gold with an assay of 999.9. All 1kg gold bars are VAT Free. When buying 1kg gold bars you can choose from our pre-owned, best value stock or brand-new stock. Neither of these effects the value of the 1kg gold bar you purchase, and always remember as an investment, it is most savvy to buy the 1kg gold bar with the lowest premium ensuring you the cheapest way to buy 1kg Gold bars. When it comes to selling 1kg gold bars, always use a reputable bullion dealer who is transparent with their margins.

Selling 1kg Gold bars

  • Always use a reputable bullion dealer with a same-day payment options and no hidden fees.
  • Always ask the % below spot which you are receiving for your gold bar. At Hatton Garden Metals, we are transparent and offer our customers the best price when buying in 1kg gold bars at 98% of the spot value.
  • When selling gold bars, always look at the spot price of gold to ensure that you are getting the best price.

Buying 1kg Gold bars

  • Buy 1kg gold bars from our Best Value range, this is the cheapest way to buy gold bars and ensures that you pay the best price for your gold 1000g bar.
  • Ask what the spread would be on your investment. Your spread on a 1kg gold bar is the difference between the % that you buy your gold at, and what you sell your gold for. If you buy your gold at 102% and you sell your gold bar at 98% your spread is 4%.
  • Buy Gold bars from world re-known mints with Hatton Garden Metals. Our 1kg gold bars are from Metalor, Heraeus, The Royal Mint and Umicore to name but a few.

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