Selling Investment gold coins and bars


If you are an investor looking to sell a collection of coins or gold bar and would prefer to sell in person the document below provides answers to some of our most frequently asked questions.  When you come to sell your physical gold you can rest assured that our industry experts here at Hatton Garden Metals will make this process, safe, secure and efficient. Our prices are listed clearly on our website so you will know the exact price you will receive should you choose to sell. (Please note the daily LBMA AM Gold Fix is set at 10.30am daily).

Our Price and Guarantee

We are clear and extremely competitive and pride ourselves on offering the best price for your gold and complete transparency in any transactions. When you visit our store, there is no obligation to sell. A huge luxury that you have when choosing to sell your physical gold is that you are able to research companies for the best price. The choice of who you sell too really is yours. In our industry it pays to be open and transparent so many companies will have no problem telling you the % that they buy in your bullion at. We are honest and upfront with our rate because we believe it is one of the best out there.

Do you pay more for Investment gold coins and bars?

We buy fine gold bars and investment grade coins such as the 1oz Krugerrand, full sovereign, Britannia and Gold Maple to name but a few on our top tier investment buy back rate of 98%. This price is paid on the day we receive your items and is calculated on the AM Gold Fix as set by the London Bullion Market Association ( LBMA). Please note that often we see coins mounted in jewellery, due to the damage from the mounting process these coins are bought in for their gold scrap value.

How do you check to see if my gold coins or bars are genuine?

Our gold analysts are industry experts in testing precious metals and handle large volumes of gold metal on a daily basis. There are numerous ways that we test precious metals to ensure the authenticity and purity of the metal that we buy in, we proudly home some of the best technical equipment for metal analysis and all our counter team is trained to the highest standard in metal testing. Initially your item will be inspected by eye to ensure that it exhibits all the usual features that we would expect to see. For instance on a sovereign we may look to see the date and the Mint mark match, that the milled edging of the coins is consistent and the colour and design of the item is correct. For a gold bar we will have to remove all the packaging to confirm the weight the bar. Your items will then be x-rayed to ensure consistency of the metal, and XRF analysis will tell us the purity of your bar/coins. For larger bars, we may have to take a sample to assay, this is common practice mainly for larger bars that are brought to us without certificates or from a refinery not registered with LBMA, this sampling process in no way effects the price we pay for your bar. Once we are happy with the item we will provide you with the value of your bar or coin collection.

How long can I expect to wait whilst you value an item?

The transaction time really does depend on the type of metal being released. In the instance of a 1 kilo Bar, as this is a single item we are able to authenticate the bar very quickly and the entire process could take as little as 10 minutes. Whereas if you are selling 300 sovereigns we will manually check each coin, meaning your transaction could take approximately 30-40 minutes. Regardless of the item you are selling, our highly skilled metal advisors always aim to process any large drop quickly and efficiently.

Is your London store secure and do you have a private area?

Yes, our London store is secure and we also have a private booth. Our London store very much looks like a bank – albeit much smaller. Our servers will serve you from behind a glass protected screen and our store is fully secured with an automated air lock system and an intercom. We have 3 counters that you can transact from. If you prefer to sell your items in private one of our counters has a private booth facility if you would prefer, you can wait for this area to become available. Please note in our store our trade customers may be prioritized before you, we do get busy over the lunch period so please expect to wait to be served. It may also be worth noting that our counter serves a lot of trade customers, so everyone in our counter is respectful of customer privacy.

What do I need to bring with me when coming to your store to sell? 

When coming to sell an item in our store you must bring with you a form of photographic ID such as a Driving License or Passport, without this we will not be able to process your transaction. If you are bringing a photo ID without your address on (such as your passport), we may also need to see proof of address.

What is the Gold Fix and how is my price calculated? 

To explain the London Gold Fix, it is important to understand the origin of the gold fix - London’s five largest bullion banks establish an agreed transaction price for large sale and purchase orders of gold. This agreed price is known as the London Gold Fix. This fixing system occurs twice each business day, once at around 10.30am – this is known as the Morning Fix, and then again at 3.30pm – this is known as the Afternoon Fix.

The Gold Fix is set in US dollars, and is then converted by the London Bullion Market Association into British Sterling and the Euro to create a worldwide balance in the trading platform.

At Hatton Garden Metals, we update our prices in accordance with the London Gold Fix, this means that the price we offer on gold, for both buying and selling, will fluctuate on a day to day basis. By updating our prices daily with the London AM Gold Fix at 10.30am you have the assurance that you will always be selling your gold as close to the market price as possible. If you chose to post your items into us, you will be paid based on the AM Gold Fix for the day that we receive your items. Please note, although we make every effort to work off the fixed morning price, gold operates on a live and moving market, we therefore reserve the right to work off a live trading price in store.

How should I bring my coins or bar to you?

Please visit our store between 9am - 4pm Monday - Friday. Please note if you have a large volume of items to process please give yourself time for us to process your items before we close. We work on a strict time lock basis and and are unable to process metal past 4pm, so we kindly ask you to keep this in mind when arranging your visit to our counter. Please refer to our Visit Us page for our address.

Sell gold coins or bars in-person for cash

If you prefer to sell your scrap gold in-person or to receive cash please visit us.

When coming to sell an item in our store you must bring with you a form of photographic ID such as a Driving License or Passport, without this we will not be able to process your transaction. If you are bringing a photo ID without your address on (such as your passport), we may also need to see proof of address.

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