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Scrap gold dealers Hatton Garden Metals are the UK's leading scrap gold buyers.  Based in Hatton Garden, London we offer a full range of services to both trade and public customers.  We provide in-house gold testing, full melt and assay services and same day payments.  We offer a wide selection of gold and silver coins and bars.  Our aim is to provide all customers with the BEST price possible.  If you are selling gold, scrap gold jewellery, gold coins, gold bars, silver or platinum you can work out the gold price today on our online gold calculator.

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Scrap gold dealers Hatton Garden Metals are London's leading scrap gold buyers.

As Londons premier scrap gold service we consistently pay the best price for scrap gold and unwanted or old scrap gold jewellery.

Our scrap gold prices are linked to the London Gold fix, meaning our prices are always 100% accurate. Sell my gold >
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You can now buy gold coins and gold bars online.

Buy gold onlineWhether buying gold for personal or investment purposes, Hatton Garden Metals should be your first choice for fast and efficient delivery.

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Buy gold and silver bars and coins

Purchase gold bars and coins for investment online now. Please note that we only ship to UK addresses.

Fastest payment when selling scrap gold and silver

In most cases we can have your funds cleared to you for your scrap gold on the same day as receipt. No other online scrap gold buyers are able to process your scrap gold as fast. We also buy and sell gold coins and gold bullion in the form of gold bars and ingots.

The best prices paid for scrap gold and silver

Hatton Garden Metals consistently offer the best available prices for all types of Scrap Gold.Our Scrap Gold Prices are tied into the official London Gold Fix, ensuring that you always get the best prices for your Scrap Gold.


Prices paid Gold Fix Gold History All prices and the 14 day history are based on the London AM Gold Fix.    Full London Gold Fix history
Todays Gold Prices / gm
9ct 10ct 12ct 14ct 15ct 18ct 20ct 21ct 22ct 24ct
£ 9.22 £ 10.25 £ 12.30 £ 14.35 £ 15.37 £ 18.45 £ 20.50 £ 21.52 £ 22.55 £ 24.60
Todays Silver Prices
 £ 0.23 per gram (925 silver)  £ 0.25 per gram (999 silver)
Todays Platinum Prices Todays Palladium Prices
£20.29 per gram (950) £21.46 per gram (999) £10.81 per gram (950) £11.37 per gram (999)

Best service for selling scrap gold and silver

Make sure you understand what you’re getting from other scrap gold buyers.

We don't offer free gold packs. We don't offer over 100% of gold fix. We don't advertise on TV. These are all overheads that could reduce the prices we're able to pay. In fact we don't offer anything that we can't provide, and we don't hide our scrap gold prices.

Here at Hatton Garden Metals we offer one rate for all scrap gold items either hallmarked or un hallmarked subject to gold content with no hidden extras nor commissions. And we always advertise our scrap gold rates.

With offer easy understand scrap gold reports, the best scrap gold prices, and the fastest payments, Hatton Garden Metals are the UK's leading scrap gold buyers for both trade and public customers. Find out how much cash you could have tomorrow if you sell your scrap gold today!