Why Buy Physical Gold?

Why Buy Physical Gold?
There are many benefits to holding physical gold in your investment portfolio.

The physical ownership of the gold puts you, the owner, as sole controller of your investment. You are not tied down to any low interest rates, volatile banking, or turbulent stock markets. Purchasing physical gold can protect your wealth against these factors. Physically owning this timeless commodity will provide you with your personal insurance against a faltering world economy. Holding a percentage of physical gold and bullion will further diversify your investment portfolio, and this dynamic holding allows for flexibility and control over your purchase of this precious metal.

When you come to sell your physical gold you can rest assured that it is extremely easy with Hatton Garden Metals. We buy all physical gold back at a set price below the gold spot for that day. You can visit us in person to sell your physical gold, or use our reliable postal service. However, a huge luxury that you have when choosing to sell your physical gold is that you are able to research companies for the best price. Though we would like to think our customers will return to us when selling, you can hold confidence that you are not tied down to one company, the choice really is yours when you chose to release your investment. In our industry it pays to be honest and open so many companies will have no problem tell you the % that they buy in your bullion at. For investment bullion at Hatton Garden Metals we buy back as high as 98% of the gold spot price.

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