VAT and VAT-Free purchases

VAT and VAT-Free purchases
VAT and VAT-Free purchases

There is no VAT charge on any gold investment bullion i.e. all gold coins and all gold bars bought in the UK and EU. However, VAT is payable at 20% on silver bullion and coins. This means that 20% will be added in VAT to the price of any silver bullion bars or coins bought from Hatton Garden Metals.

Investors are advised to treat Silver bullion and silver coins as they would like any other product which includes VAT in the sale price. If you would like to buy silver from Hatton Garden Metal please visit the following link Buy Silver

I am VAT Registered

If you are VAT registered we advise that you seek advice from a professional with regards to claiming back VAT on your purchases. Unfortunately, as we are not qualified accountants we are unable to offer any further advice on this matter.

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