Cash For Gold

Hatton Garden Metals are one of the UK's most experienced scrap gold buying companies. We're part-owned by one of the UK's biggest wholesalers.

cash for gold

With the credit crunch hitting the public harder people are turning to companies to get "cash for your gold". Before you choose which company to use there are a few things you need to know about the cash for gold systems that are currently being advertised on the internet, daily newspapers and television channels.

Many of the web sites offer deals that are accompanied by glitzy commercials, full page spreads, celebrity backing for web and infomercials. What you must remember this all comes at a huge cost that has to be recovered by the companies. This only means lower prices for you the consumer.

Many of the companies have hidden commissions and refining fees and even charges for bank transfer. Here at Hatton Garden Metals we offer a free service to all for the selling of your scrap gold items. We have NO refining fees, NO bank charges, and take NO commissions at all.

 Many of the sites that offer cash for gold actually don't pay out in cash and only offer payments by cheque. The reason for the cheque offer is that this enables them to pay a lower rate for your items as you only have a limited time to return the cheque and have your items returned.

Choosing the best service to get cash for your gold

When searching for the best place to get cash for your gold make sure that your are being offered a fair price and also make sure you will not be charged refining fees, bank commissions or any other fees hidden in the small print.

  1. The best indication of what you will be paid for your scrap gold is by checking out web sites that advertise their prices. Most of the well established companies have calculators and scrap gold prices on full view directly on their web sites. If you need to make a phone call to find out exactly how that company's system works then go ahead pick up the phone. You may regret it if you don't and the cash for your gold you receive may be lower than you think.
  2. Think about the offers open to you the customer and do the extra offers made to you by the chosen company actually work out best for you. TV adverts, full page spreads in national newspapers and offers of over 100% for your scrap gold is normally a bad sign as these companies have to recoup their investment from somewhere, Be aware that it is impossible for any scrap gold dealer to pay cash for your gold at over the Gold Fix price and this is not common practice within the scrap gold industry.
  3. Think about how you send your scrap gold, Via Royal Mail Special Delivery, Courier or any other postal carrier. Companies that offer a free gold pack again must recoup the money for the postage from you the customer. All we ask at Hatton Garden Metals is that you get your parcel to us, with you paying for the parcel to be sent this allows us to pay you higher rates for your gold. Please note we don't pay cash for gold and only offer payment via Bank Transfer, Cheque or PayPal.
  4. Always read the small print on any site you choose. Many sites have hidden details that could cost you a large part of the payment you are expecting. Some sites that dont advertise the daily price are known to have paid as low as 20% of the daily price for your gold. Refining fees can also be hidden from the front pages of many sites as this bring the price of your gold down but 10% or more. For example, if the gold price is £7.50, they will be offering £6.75 - this will then be a lower price for you items that many other sites that have no fees.

Remember your items are valuable. If in need of a quick cash for your gold payment, always send your gold via an insured service.