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LIVE: £971.06
LBMA: £972.53 (AM)

Today's Prices

Gold Bullion

9ct £11.14
14ct £17.33
18ct £22.28
20ct £24.75
22ct £27.23
24ct £29.70

Other Metals

Silver 999 £0.31
Platinum 999 £18.72
Palladium 999 £16.88

Gold Coins

Sovereign £224.71
Krugerrand £953.05

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Popular items in Gold Bars and Coins

ItemStockWe Sell
Best Value Gold Full Sovereign 10+ in stock £236.17
Full Gold Krugerrand 2 in stock £1001.67
Gold Half Krugerrand 1 in stock £500.69
Gold Half Sovereign 4 in stock £118.09
NEW Gold Full Sovereign 2017 10+ in stock £243.05
Silver Britannia 10+ in stock £15.38