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2011 Britannia Two pound Silver Bullion Coin

The new portrait of Britannia created by David Mach for the 2011 Britannia family is both traditional and contemporary. In a new and innovative interpretation, he has united two powerful symbols of Britain today, placing Britannia at the heart of a billowing Union Flag. And, to the delight of collectors past and present, he has chosen to picture her seated with trident and shield in the manner of the classic image that has featured on the pre-decimal pennies of every monarch since Charles II. In keeping with tradition that dates back to the late 17th Century the 2011 Silver Bullion Britannia is struck in the Britannia standard of silver - 958 Ag.

– New design for 2011 by David Mach
– The largest and purest legal tender silver coin of the realm
– Contains one ounce of fine silver and measures an impressive 40mm in diameter.

Britannia through the ages

The figure of a woman, commonly called Britannia, has represented Britain on coins for centuries. Britannia appeared four times on the coins of Roman emperors during the Roman emperor during the Roman occupation of Britain, the first time under Emperor Hadrian (117-139 AD) when she was shown seated with shield and spear.

In 1672 she first appeared on English coins, copper halfpennies and farthings authorised by Charles II. The adoption of Britannia as a reverse was a significant part of a new era in British constitutional and fiscal history; at a time when Britain was at war with the Dutch, she stood for sovereignty of
the sea. In 1696 the Britannia standard of Silver was introduced under William III - 95.8 per cent silver and the rest copper - to discourage the clipping and melting of silver coinage.

In 1720 sterling silver was once again approved for use by silversmiths, although Britannia silver remained in use. In all, Britannia appeared on the reverse of lower value coins without a break for almost 300 years. Over that time she became a powerful symbol of the stability of Britain. In 1987 she was elevated to the gold coinage and today appears on the highest value coins of the realm.

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Silver Britannia Specifications

Denomination Diameter*
Fineness Silver content
32.45g 40.00 32.45 .958 Britannia
Coin back Coin front