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Todays Trade Gold Prices / gm *
9ct 10ct 12ct 14ct 15ct 18ct 20ct 21ct 22ct 24ct
£ 9.46 £ 10.51 £ 12.61 £ 14.71 £ 15.76 £ 18.91 £ 21.01 £ 22.07 £ 23.12 £ 25.22

We also pay increased rates of 98% & UP of the gold fix for certain items

Call us on 0207 404 4000 for details and to discuss how we can help increase your profits immediately.

At Hatton Garden Metals we have a reputation for delivering High Prices, Fast Payments and outstanding service. whether you choose to use our Trade Only Secure Counter in person, or take advantage of our revolutionary Postal Service here’s some of the benefits you will receive from becoming an Exclusive Hatton Garden Metals Trade Partner.

- FREE of CHARGE bank transfers ensuring same-day cleared funds into your account
- Online real-time tracking of your sales and payments
- Provide Live selling or Same Day melt & assays at our exclusive Trade Only Counter
- Provide access to a Dedicated Trade Account Manager, available to look after and help manage your account
- Priority Same Day payments when using our postal system, often cleared before mid-day

Take a step ahead of your competitors and contact us to find out how you can take advantage of these and the other great benefits available when you become a Hatton Garden Metals Exclusive Trade customer.

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