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Policies and Statements

Social, Ethical & Environmental Principles 2023


Hatton Garden Metals have adopted a statement to ensure that its business responsibilities to our various stakeholders are met. Director, Christopher Lyons has been designated as the officer responsible for SEE matters.

Our fair gold policy

HGM operates under requires that all our PUBLIC Customers registering with us through our site are agreeing to the following conditions before sending any items to us.

Public Customer – Registered Through the Website
  • In using the Services, you hereby warrant to us in the following terms:
  • You are at least 18 years of age.
  • You have the capacity to enter into legally binding contracts.
  • You have good title to the gold, silver, platinum and/or palladium ('Metal') which you intend to sell to us. Such Metal will, in the event of a sale to us in accordance with these terms and conditions, be sold free from any liability or adverse claim of any type whatsoever.
  • You are using the Services privately, independently and in your personal capacity only (and not on behalf of any other person) and you are not using them for any commercial, business or retail purposes (whether directly or indirectly).
  • All information which you submit to us (irrespective of the manner in which this is submitted) is true and accurate in all material respects. If the Metal which you intend to sell to us is worth in aggregate £1,000 or more, you agree that you will provide us with such proof of identification as we may require in order to satisfy our legal obligations.

Social, Ethical & Environmental Policy – Trade

Hatton Garden Metals requires a signed Trade Account Form from all Directors of companies that trade with us must declare the following.

The ** (NAMED) ** Company herby declares that:

  • The beneficial owner has the legal right to sell goods to Hatton Garden Metals Ltd.
  • It has acquired such goods from persons who have provided evidence to be the legitimate owners of the goods.
  • It has taken all necessary precautions to prevent its acquisition and trade of goods obtained through or related to criminal activities.
  • It has received such goods in compliance with the relevant legislation of their country of origin.
  • It does not use child labour to carry out any work or service.
  • It, if applicable, complies with all environmental legal regulations.

The Company further declares that it makes this present declaration on behalf of its shareholders, members of the board, employees and representatives. The Company undertakes to advise Hatton Garden Metals Ltd of any changes to this declaration.