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Buy, sell, store, collect or deliver your gold investment in one Secure Place with Hatton Garden Metals.

Store your gold safely and securely with us!

We are delighted to announce that Hatton Garden Metals are now offering a secure, cost effective Storage Solution with  FREE STORAGE for your First 10 MONTHS on all Coin or Bar orders. 

We are proud to provide a complete Storage solution that has been tailored to suit our customer’s needs and provides the luxury of choice, with the flexibility to buy, sell, collect or deliver your gold investments. 

Our unique online portal will give you the power to access your virtual vault and arrange for either the sale of your metal through Hatton Garden Metals, or to deliver your stored items secured and insured to your door. Our Storage is simple, safe and gives you total control over your investment.

We offer a large selection of CGT Free British coins, LBMA approved bars as well as the most popular products from International Mints.

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Frequently asked questions

For years, Hatton Garden Metals have been the cheapest place to purchase gold coins. We are proud to have built our reputation as one of the UKs most trusted companies for both buying and selling metals. We are confident and excited to introduce our new service of Hatton Garden Metals Storage, available to all new and existing customers, with a price and a service that supersede any storage option in our industry. Hatton Garden Metals Storage provides our customers, the most cost effective, safe and secure storage facility, with a unique portal for you to access your vault online, giving you the power and flexibility to sell and buy your gold with ease. What’s more, we are delighted to announce that all of our new storage customers will also benefit from FREE STORAGE for the first 10 MONTHS!

Your gold is fully allocated, insured and stored in a grade 6 Chubb safe within a Grade 10 vault in the UK.

All Hatton Garden Metals Storage items will be stored in Grade 6 CHUBB Safes and these safes are located within a Grade 10 Vault within the UK. This is one of the world’s highest and most secured storage options. And your items will remain securely inside your allocated vault for the duration of your storage. Your items will only be removed upon your instruction, and will be sent securely to either Hatton Garden Metals for sale or collection, or at your request delivered to your door. 

As an introductory offer, all of our customers are eligible for free storage in the first 10 months. After this period, Storage fees are collected monthly in arrears via Direct Debit /pay by card / bank transfer. If you elect to pay by direct debit, valid Direct Debit details must be successfully recorded against your account to ensure that a storage payment is not missed.

No, in accordance with the strict security policy you are unable to access the vaults. However, you are able to arrange to collect your items from us here at Hatton Garden Metals. To arrange for your metal to be withdrawn from the vault simply log into your online account and follow the easy, step by step instructions. You can collect from our London store free of charge between our opening hours, usually on the same day if collection is requested in the morning.

Unlike other Storage facilities, Hatton Garden Metals will not charge you any fees when Inserting items to or Withdrawing items from your Storage. You are free to collect your items from our London store or you can select home delivery for a single cost of £6.95.

To ensure the safe and secured delivery of your items, delivery fees from Hatton Garden Metals start at £6.95 for parcels up to £20,000. For delivery of items with a value exceeding £20,000 = £6.95 + 0.02% of the total value. For example, for delivery of items with a value of £50,000.00 you should expect to pay £6.95 + £10 for delivery from HGM.

Yes, ABSOLUTELY! Simply call our office during opening hours to lock in your price, then log in to your account and request that your items are extracted from storage for sale through Hatton Garden Metals. Your items will be delivered to Hatton Garden Metals, and you will be paid your locked in metal price once your items arrive at our store. Please note that delivery is usually carried out on the same day from the vault and any outstanding storage fees will be debited before we send over payment. 

Your storage fees are worked out according to how much metal you hold in storage on a daily basis. We are awarding all of our customers with 10 MONTHS of FREE storage. You are able to continue depositing metal into storage via your account throughout this period. Our system will then calculate how much you owe in accordance to how much metal is stored with us. Please refer to our prices table for more information.

Buying gold for storage

As a company that deals with high value items, we understand the importance of security and discretion when storing your investments. We are offering fully-allocated storage, and your gold will be stored in a grade 6 Chubb safe within a Grade 10 secured vault. As an exclusive offer, to all our customers we are thrilled to offer a Free 10 Months Storage Service for all orders regardless of value. Having peace of mind and knowledge that your items are safe and secure is paramount when making a physical investment. We appreciate that every customer works to their own budget, and believe in offering the best prices to all our customers, large, little and anything in between, we value you all.  

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Managing your vault

Hatton Garden Metals Storage has a dedicated system that allows you to easily manage your Stored Gold Investments. In your account, you will be able to see the items that you have securely stored and the price that you paid. When selling your items back to us, arranging delivery or a collection, we will inform you every step of the way. 

You, the customer, always have the Physical Ownership of your gold, just without the worry of where to store your investment. 

Manage your storage

Selling your Gold

When the time is right for you to sell your metal, Hatton Garden Metals will buy back your gold from storage. The sale of your metal from storage to Hatton Garden Metals is quick, efficient and always with the best price and highest level of service.

Simply call our office during our opening hours (Mon-Friday 9am-4pm) to lock in your price for the items you wish to sell. Your gold will be valued based on the Live gold price. And once we have retrieved* your items from storage, payment will be made via Faster Payment. Our system will notify you by email when there is any movement on your account.

*We have to physically arrange for your items to be returned from the offsite vault, we offer same day delivery to our store if delivery is requested in the morning between our opening hours.

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FREE STORAGE for your First 10 MONTHS. Thereafter, standard pricing is as follows:

  • Metal Value up to £16,000: £10 Fixed Monthly Fee inc. VAT
  • Metal Value over £16,000: 0.75% per annum

To store £20,000 worth of metal would cost a daily rate of 0.41p per day, equating to £12.74 a month. By explanation this is 0.75% of the total value (£20,000). Storing £50,000 worth of metal would cost £1.02 a day and a monthly cost of £31.84.

Fees are calculated daily to account for fluctuation in the value of your physical metal holdings and to provide you with an accurate and fair monthly storage fee. Your fee is charged monthly in arrears.

Other fees

  • Home delivery charge: Delivery fee of £6.95 for orders up to £20,000
  • Delivery Fee on orders over £20,000 = £6.95 + 0.02% total value.
  • Collection from store: Free of Charge

These fees are applicable to all storage orders, and are not covered within our Free 8-month storage offer.


All our client’s metal is insured and fully allocated in a Grade 6 Chubb safe within a Grade 10 vault, offering the highest level of security and giving you peace of mind that your gold investment is safe.

Storage Services Terms and Conditions

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