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Terms and Conditions - Storage


This following sets forth the terms and conditions with respect to storage provided by our subcontractor; Full terms and conditions apply to all orders. These do not affect your statutory rights. 

You must be over 18-year-old at the point of purchase to store a purchased item with Hatton Garden Metals (HGM).

You are only able to store items that have been purchased directly from HGM and that you have not already taken physical possession of. You must select storage at the point of purchase in order to use the service.

You are eligible to store Gold, Silver, Platinum and Palladium purchased from Hatton Garden Metals.

To open a storage account with us, we require valid form of identification from the legal owner plus a utility bill no older than 3 months. TV licenses or mobile phone bills will not be accepted as a utility bill.

Our Fully Insured storage service is specifically designed to ensure the safekeeping of your precious metal investment, whether it is gold/silver/platinum or palladium bullion denominated in fine troy ounces or fine gold metric weight. We guarantee that every gram of metal purchased by our customers is securely stored in our vaults, without exception. This means that if you purchase a 100g bar with storage, the very same bar will be physically held in our safekeeping.

Your stored items are fully insured by our underwriters for up to £150,000. For storage values exceeding £150,000 we can provide a customised cost price.

In the unlikely event that any item(s) held within storage is lost, stolen or damaged, we are committed to working within our full capability to resolve the issue on your behalf. Once a claim has been accepted, we will work with our subcontractors to either replace your item(s) or provide an alternative item(s) that is equivalent in precious metal value, as agreed by Hatton Garden Metals and the legal owner. In certain cases, we reserve the right to reimburse you the monetary amount in Sterling. Please note that the maximum liability will not exceed the current value of your item(s) on the next business day following notification of any loss, theft or damage.

By agreeing to our terms and conditions you agree to transfer the responsibility and insurable interest of the goods maintained in storage to Hatton Garden Metals. This does not affect the ownership of the items which will remain the legal property of the customer whilst held in storage. Note that the customer as the legal owner remains liable for the cost of storage, and in the event of outstanding storage fees, Hatton Garden Metals reserves the right to liquidate the items held in storage to settle the debt. However, we always provide our customers with reasonable notice of at least 2 weeks from the notification of outstanding fees before taking any action to recover any unpaid fees due to Hatton Garden Metals.

After completing your precious metal purchase, you can opt for secure storage instead of delivery by requesting it through our website. Our website allows for 24/7 online purchases. However, please be aware that metal sales and collections are only available during our office opening hours, as indicated on our website.

Upon confirmation of cleared funds in our bank account and receipt of our notification, you will become the official and rightful owner of your purchased item(s). As a legal owner, it is important to note that you assume full responsibility for any and all applicable taxes and duties associated with your acquisition of gold or silver and precious metal bullion.

Only the legal owner is permitted to collect, receive delivery or make sales of metal. To ensure the security and accuracy of your transactions, it is important to note that the invoice address of any precious metals purchased should correspond with your linked bank account. In the event of an address change, we will ask for supporting evidence that can verify your new address, such as a driving licence or passport along with a recent utilities bill (dated within the past three months). You must hold a valid UK address and UK bank account for the duration of your storage with Hatton Garden Metals. Any change of address must be reported to Hatton Garden Metals in writing within 28 days.

Storage fees are calculated at 0.65% per annum for Gold, Silver, Platinum and Palladium. The annual fee percentage is then calculated to form a daily fee. Please note all stored items are subject to a daily fee that reflects the daily metal price.

Storage Fees are calculated daily. Your daily storage fee is calculated using the Total Value of Fine Metal you hold each day at 0.65% per annum. There is a minimum storage fee of £10 per month or £0.33 per day. Your daily storage fee will vary as the value of your goods in storage changes each day due to the changing precious metal price. Should you add or remove items from your storage then your daily storage fee will also change and will reflect the total value of your storage. Valuations are taken each day so any movement within your storage account will be reflected the following day.

Should the total value of your storage fall below £20,000 then your monthly storage fee will be £10. We calculate the value of your stored items by using the spot price of the relevant metal. For example, a customer storing £50,000 with us at a gold price of £1500 would incur a daily storage fee of £0.89. The minimum fee for each month of storage use is £10.00.

Indicative Pricing Below.

Amount held in storage * Annual Fee Monthly Fee
Under £20,000 £120.00 £10.00
£20,000 £130.00 £10.83
£50,000.00 £325.00 £27.08
£100,000.00 £650.00 £54.17
£150,000.00 £975.00 £81.25

SILVER Amount held in storage * Annual Fee Monthly Fee
Under £20,000 £120.00 £10.00
Over £2000 £260.00 £21.66

* Amount held in storage equates to 'Total Metal Value'. Once the value of your metal exceeds £150,000, our free storage offer no longer applies and you will be obligated to pay full storage fees.

There is a limit to the amount of free storage available for metals, which is capped at £150,000. If your metal holdings exceed this amount, you will be charged the full storage fees.

‘Total Metal Value’ is calculated using the total fine metal content in grams multiplies by the metal spot price in pounds sterling. Per gram. Storage fees on days where there is no metal fix are calculated using the earliest available fix. i.e., Sunday’s prices are calculated using Friday’s prices.

In the event of any changes to our pricing structure, we will provide written notice with a 30-day advanced notice period for such adjustments. Please note that we reserve the right to suspend and/or review any 'website offer' at any time without prior notification.

Delivery Charges: If you would like to have your stored items delivered to your home, please note that a shipment fee of £9.95 will be charged. However, for orders that exceed £20,000 or 5 Kilos, please get in touch with us for delivery costs as we will need to arrange secure transportation for your precious metals at a cost to the customer.

Please be aware that the standard delivery time for physical items retrieved from our storage is up to 2 working days, as they must first be returned to our store before being dispatched to your address.

If the value of your parcel exceeds £20,000 in insurance value, we offer two options to ensure its safe delivery. The first option is to split your parcel into multiple shipments over several days. Alternatively, upon your request, we can arrange a bespoke shipment with a secured courier. Please note that this option may result in additional fees, as the bespoke shipping arrangement will be carried out by a third-party courier service. All bespoke delivery fees are payable by the customer.

Should you choose to collect your items from storage, please note that there is an administration Fee of £15 for each removal from storage. This fee is payable per removal event. If you select multiple items to be delivered in one action you will only be charged 1 x administration fee. If the items are removed from storage in separate actions, then each action will incur a £15 administration fee

Payment can be made via direct debit, card, or Bacs. To avoid any delays, please ensure that all storage fees are settled before your precious metals are released from our secure storage for delivery or sale.

In the event of any changes to our pricing structure, we will provide written notice with a 30-day advanced notice period for such adjustments. Please note that we reserve the right to suspend and/or review any 'website offer' at any time without prior notification.

To qualify for our 6-month promotional period of free storage, the first order for storage must be £2,500 or more. If the first order is less than £2,500, free storage will not be available in the future. Our promotional offer includes a storage value cap of £150,000.

If you qualify for Free Storage with your first order, you may add additional items to be stored at any point for no additional charge during the original 6-month promotional period starting from the date of your first qualifying storage order, capped at £150,000.

Any items stored for more than 6 months will become chargeable after any promotional period ends. If your first order did not qualify you for Free Storage then your Storage account will be chargeable immediately.

Free storage is limited to one period of 6 months. Therefore, any items added to qualifying storage after the initial Free storage date will be stored for free for the remaining time left from the initial 6-month period.

Please note that any Free storage offers are limited to one offer per household.

Your billing cycle for storage service begins on the first day of the month following the placement of your initial order. Subsequent monthly payments are made in arrears, with the possibility of the first payment covering a different time period. Before any items can be sold, collected, or delivered, full payment for storage fees must be received.

During the term of this Agreement, you may give notice to withdraw metal from storage via your online account. Withdrawals can be requested on our website 24/7 but will only be actioned on a working office day during working hours.

To complete the withdrawal process, you need to provide specific details

  • (i) Specify the amount of Metal (in the appropriate denomination) to be withdrawn from the Account;
  • (ii) Have ID stored on your account and meet our ID requirements for collection, delivery or a metal sale.
  • (iii) You must pay any outstanding storage charges and fees prior to delivery or collection of your stored items.

We take great care of your items by entrusting them to our third-party contractor. Rest assured that your items are safeguarded with the highest level of security measures. Please note that for security reasons, direct collection from the storage facility is not possible.

However, you may arrange for collection of your items at our Hatton Garden Metals store in London, provided that all outstanding storage charges have been settled prior to collection.

Should you wish to collect your items from secured storage you must arrange this with Hatton Garden Metals. Please allow 2 business days for your items to reach Hatton Garden Metals London office when these items will be made available for collection. Please note there is a £15 administration fee for each action of retrieving items from storage. If you select multiple items to be withdrawn in one action you will be charged one administration fee. If the retrieval from storage is withdrawn in separate actions, then each action will incur an administration fee of £15.

To retrieve your items in-person, you are required to visit our London store located in Hatton Garden with ID and proof of address which corresponds with the details held on account. We kindly ask that you collect your items within two working days of our request for collection to avoid incurring any additional storage charges beyond the stated timeframe.

Collection of your item(s) is subject to the conditions herein;
In order to collect your items, you must present original copies of a valid photo ID and proof of address. Acceptable forms of photo ID are a current Passport or Driving License. The proof of address should be dated no more than 3 months before the collection date. Please note that a mobile phone bill or TV license as proof of address cannot be accepted as proof of address. The provided Photo ID must match the ID that we have on file for your account, and only the legal owner is authorized to collect the items. We are unable to release any items to a third party.

To sell your metal back to us, get in touch with our office during regular working hours and a member of our team will be happy to provide you with a live market price. After agreeing on a price, you can execute the sale in your storage account with ease. Payments are made via faster payment bank transfer and typically clear the same day, with no additional fees for same-day payments. Typically, funds will be credited to your beneficiary account within two hours of the payment being initiated.

If you choose to cancel your direct debit for an active storage service, we will make every effort to contact you and arrange for alternative payment options. However, if we are unable to reach you and come to an agreement despite our reasonable attempts, this may be considered a breach of your service agreement. In such cases, we may have to terminate your current storage facilities, and future storage options on your account may be affected. Please note that all outstanding storage charges must be settled before we can take any action to sell, collect or deliver your items. In certain cases, Hatton Garden Metals reserves the right to use the items in storage to settle any outstanding charges accrued on your account. Rest assured that we will always attempt to contact you through reasonable forms of communication before taking any such action.

We take the security of your stored item(s) very seriously, and we will never compromise or reduce the level of protection they receive. However, we do reserve the right to change the subcontractor responsible for providing the storage facilities. Please rest assured that you will always be notified of any such changes and given the opportunity to terminate your contract should you not agree with the amendments made.

We may terminate your storage service at any time, but we will provide you with a 30-day notice period to ensure you have ample time to make alternative arrangements. If you choose to terminate your service with us, you may do so by withdrawing, selling or collecting your items, and closing your account.

Upon your collection or arrangement of delivery, our services will be considered completed, and we will be released from any further obligation in accordance with the terms and conditions stated herein.

By participating in a promotion, you agree to be bound by our Terms & Conditions, as well as any rules specific to the promotion.

If you have any question in relation to these terms and conditions please contact us on 0207 404 4000 or via email