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Today's Gold Prices

Gold Prices

Gold 9ct £18.86/G
Gold 10ct £20.98/G
Gold 12ct £25.15/G
Gold 14ct £29.43/G
Gold 15ct £31.44/G
Gold 18ct £37.73/G
Gold 21ct £44.01/G
Gold 22ct £46.08/G
Gold 24ct £50.30/G

Gold Coin Prices

Gold Sovereign £419.60
Gold Half Sovereign £207.64
1 Oz Gold Krugerrand £1,765.71
1/2 Oz Gold Krugerrand £882.60
1 Oz Gold Britannia £1,785.26
1 Oz Gold Britannia - Pre 2012 £1,765.71
1/2 Oz Gold Britannia - 24ct version £892.63

Gold Bar Prices

1g Gold Bar £56.81
5g Gold Bar £284.06
10g Gold Bar £568.12
20g Gold Bar £1,136.24
50g Gold Bar £2,840.60
100g Gold Bar £5,681.20
250g Gold Bar £14,203.01
500g Gold Bar £28,406.01
1000g Gold Bar £56,812.02
1 Oz Gold Bar £1,766.85

Please note, although we make every effort to work off the fixed morning price, gold operates on a live and moving market, we therefore reserve the right to work off a live trading price when visiting our store.

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All Gold Prices

You can find out the price of 9ct gold today by checking our website. Hatton Garden Metals displays all the prices of the different carats of gold clearly on our website. You can check out today’s price of gold by checking the Hatton Garden Metals website. The gold price is at an all time high and you will be amazed at how much cash you can get for selling gold at Hatton Garden Metals. Scrap gold has never been worth so much.

Todays scrap gold price is shown clearly on the Hatton Garden Metals website. We buy scrap gold at the highest prices. If you are looking to sell scrap gold in the UK then Hatton Garden Metals will pay you the UK’s best price for scrap gold. We clearly display prices for scrap gold in all carats as well as today’s prices for sovereign coins, Britannia coins, krugerrand coins and all other coins and bars. Visit our selling gold page for the latest gold prices today. The price of gold in pounds is available on the Hatton Garden Metals website.

Today’s price for a gram of gold is clearly shown on the Hatton Garden Metals website. Check out our selling gold page and you can keep up to date with the latest price of 9ct gold in the UK. Gold is near all-time highs so it’s a great time to sell your gold and use the UK’s No.1 Gold Buyers in Hatton Garden. We are trusted by the public and the trade to offer the highest prices for gold in the UK today. Your gold could be worth a lot more than you think when you sell gold to Hatton Garden Metals.

Many people wonder if its safe to sell gold in the UK. The first thing to remember when choosing a gold buyer is check out their reputation. Hatton Garden Metals have been trading for over 10 years and have a 5* rating on Trustpilot with thousands of 5* reviews for buying gold in the UK. We pay the highest prices in the UK for gold and are trusted by thousands of customers each week to sell their gold. Not only do we provide clear pricing for scrap gold, but we make the process simple and transparent, meaning that it is completely safe to sell your gold in the UK to Hatton Garden Metals, assuring that you will receive the highest prices and the best customer service in the UK for selling gold. Selling gold is easy with Hatton Garden Metals, we will pay you the UK’s best prices for gold, silver, platinum and palladium.

Gold is at an all-time high; this makes it a great time to sell gold in the UK. Selling your gold to Hatton Garden Metals guarantees fantastic customer service, transparent process and the highest prices for your gold. You can sell your gold in Hatton Garden by visiting us in store or by using our No.1 rated postal gold service. Request a pack today and we will send you everything you need to sell your gold for the highest prices in the UK. We make it easy and safe to sell gold. We recommend all our customers use a secure courier such as Royal Mail Special Delivery as the gold is then insured in transit to us. Our expert gold buyers will evaluate your gold and we will pay you the highest prices for your gold. It’s a great time to sell your gold assets and cash in on the highest price of gold.

We measure the weight of gold in grams and you can see the exact value of 1g of gold by checking out the prices section of our website. As gold is near historic highs you will be surprised to learn how much money you get for 1g of gold. Hatton Garden Metals pays the highest prices for Gold, silver, platinum and palladium in the UK and we offer same day payments, no hidden charges and a 5* service. You can use out gold calculator to see what price we will pay for 1g of gold today. The price per gram of gold is how we measure the gold price. Although the price of gold originates in US Dollars, the dollar price of gold is converted to the price of gold per ounce in pounds sterling by the London Bullion Market and we then calculate the price per gram of gold using the set formula.

Many people ask; is it worth selling gold now? The answer is yes. With the price of gold at all-time highs there has never been a better time to sell your gold to the UK’s No.1 Gold Buyer Hatton Garden Metals. Selling gold to Hatton Garden Metals guarantees you the highest prices for your jewellery, whether you are selling scrap gold, selling jewellery or selling gold coins or bars, Hatton Garden Metals is the UK’s top destination for all things Gold. You can check out our gold price calculator to see exactly what you will get for the gold you wish to sell. You’ll find that our prices for gold are the highest in the UK and we are the UK’s best gold buyer. Selling gold to Hatton Garden Metals is easy and completely transparent, we pay the highest prices and offer the best customer service. We have thousands of 5* reviews on Trustpilot and are trusted by thousands of customers each week to pay the highest prices for gold in the UK.

Hatton Garden Metals are the UK’s No.1 Gold buyers. We pay the highest prices for gold, silver, platinum and palladium. We pay the highest price in the UK for gold. Rolled gold is made by bonding a very thin layer or plating of gold to a base metal, this means that the content of gold in the piece is very minimal. Rolled gold comes in different grades, and although there is gold attached to the piece the predominant metal is non-precious. Rolled gold is a much cheaper alternative to solid gold, however this has no value when you come to resell as the gold plating is so minimal. You can often identify trolled gold by stamping on the item of jewellery. ‘1/10 rolled gold’. If you are unsure as to whether your items are gold, we will happily asses them for you, our expert gold buyers are world renowned so you can trust Hatton Garden Metals to evaluate your gold with honesty and integrity.

Lots of people ask, where should I sell my gold? The answer is easy. Hatton Garden Metals. Do you want the highest price for your gold? Do you want to sell to the UK’s number one gold buyers? Do you want unparalleled customer service? Do you want same day payment? If the answer to those questions is yes then you should sell your gold to Hatton Garden Metals. Hatton Garden is the UK’s No.1 gold Buyer, offering the best prices in the UK for gold.

Getting cash for gold is easy at Hatton Garden Metals. We offer the highest prices in the UK for gold, selling scrap gold, selling gold jewellery, then you can sell your gold for the best price to Hatton Garden Metals. Hatton Garden Metals offers same day cash payment for gold. Visit us in store at Hatton Garden Metals and we will pay you cash the same day for your gold*. If you are using our No.1 rated gold buying service then we will pay cash into your account the day we receive your items, making getting cash for gold easy, fast and transparent. Driving License or Passport required for metal sales.

*cash limited to £8,000 per household per year