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Scrap Gold prices have never been higher! Now, is one of the best times in history to scrap your gold for cash! Hatton Garden Metals, allows you to sell your scrap gold today with confidence with our 7 Day Gold Price Guarantee. Our gold prices are calculated daily based on the live gold trading price of gold as set by the London Bullion Market Association ensuring that you get the best price for your scrap gold and broken jewellery. To get the value of our scrap gold, simply enter your weights and carats in our sell gold calculator form. This will show you an instant price for your scrap gold! Sell your gold today, with the UK’s Top Rated Gold company and cash your gold!

SELLING IN PERSON? At our London store we would like to reassure you that we strive to provide the best prices for your gold. Please note that we may need to work off the live gold trading price during your visit. Our team will do everything possible to ensure that you receive the best price and service for your metal sale.

TRADE CUSTOMER, WITH A BUSINESS? We take pride in our longstanding commitment to serving our trade and business customers. With over 50 years of combined experience, we have built a reputation for reliability, integrity, and excellence in the precious metals industry. To access our business scrap gold prices, please apply for a trade account

Gold Prices

Gold 9ct £19.17/G
Gold 10ct £21.32/G
Gold 12ct £25.57/G
Gold 14ct £29.91/G
Gold 15ct £31.96/G
Gold 18ct £38.35/G
Gold 21ct £44.74/G
Gold 22ct £46.84/G
Gold 24ct £51.13/G

Gold Bar Prices

1g Gold Bar £57.75
2g Gold Bar £115.50
2.5g Gold Bar £144.37
5g Gold Bar £288.75
10g Gold Bar £577.49
20g Gold Bar £1,154.98
50g Gold Bar £2,887.45
100g Gold Bar £5,774.91
250g Gold Bar £14,437.27
500g Gold Bar £28,874.54
1000g Gold Bar £57,749.08
1/2 Oz Gold Bar £898.00
1 Oz Gold Bar £1,796.00

Gold Coin Prices

Gold Sovereign £426.52
Gold Half Sovereign £211.06
1 Oz Gold Krugerrand £1,794.83
1/2 Oz Gold Krugerrand £897.15
1/4 Oz Gold Krugerrand £448.58
1/10 Oz Gold Krugerrand Mixed Dates £179.32
1 Oz Gold Britannia £1,814.70
1 Oz Gold Britannia - Pre 2012 £1,794.83
1/2 Oz Gold Britannia - 24ct version £907.35
1/4 Oz Gold Britannia Mixed Dates £448.71
1/10 Oz Gold Britannia 24ct £181.47
1 Oz Gold Nugget £1,796.00
1 Oz Gold Maple £1,814.70
1 Oz Gold Panda £1,796.00
1 Oz Austrian Philharmonic £1,796.00
Mexican Gold 50 Pesos £2,143.20
American $20 Gold Eagle Liberty Head £1,719.91
American Dollar Gold £1,794.83
20 Swiss Franc Gold Coin £331.74
French 20 Francs £331.74


Silver 500 £0.28/G
Silver 800 £0.45/G
Silver 925 £0.52/G
Silver 999 £0.56/G

Silver Bar Prices

1 Oz Silver Bar £21.29
100g Silver Bar £68.45
250g Silver Bar £171.13
500g Silver Bar £342.26
1 Kg Silver Bar £684.52

Silver Coin Prices

1 Oz Silver Britannia 999 £21.29
1 Oz Silver Canadian Maple Leaf £21.29
1 Oz U.S Silver Eagle £21.29
1 Oz Silver Philharmonic £21.29
1 Oz Australia Silver Nugget £21.29
1 Oz Silver Chinese Panda £21.29
1 Oz Silver American Buffalo £21.29

Palladium Prices

Palladium 950 £19.81/G
Palladium 999 £20.84/G

Platinum Prices

Platinum 950 £18.69/G
Platinum 999 £19.66/G
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Sell Scrap Gold to Hatton Garden Metals, the UK’S Top Rated Gold Dealer

Looking to sell your unwanted jewellery or scrap gold, look no further than the UK’s Top Rated Gold Dealer; Hatton Garden Metals. We offer the best prices for your scrap gold and always pay the best gold prices. We have over 15 years’ experience in business and are experts at buying and testing scrap gold. Our Gold prices are based off the latest gold price and are updated daily on our website. We buy all types of scrap gold, 9ct gold, 14ct gold, 18ct gold, 22ct gold and 24ct gold. It doesn’t matter to us what your broken jewellery or scrap gold looks like, we simply pay the best gold price based on the gold content of your items i.e. its weight and carat. Our gold buyers are experts and are able to determine the carat of any item to give you an accurate and best price for your scrap gold today. Sell your gold with confidence, for the best price, to Hatton Garden Metals.

Scrap Gold Price Calculator

To get an instant price for your scrap gold, simply enter the weights and carats into our sell gold page. Our gold prices are updated daily and our Gold Price Guarantee allows you to lock in the gold price you are happy with. We offer the best prices in the UK for your gold, and we have 1000’s of Excellent customer reviews. Simply enter the weights and carats of the scrap gold you are looking to sell and we will give you an instant gold price. We also offer hassle-free selling and we can send you a fully-insured gold pack to send your scrap gold into us safely.

We Buy Scrap Gold – Gold testing

We will buy any type of gold! It doesn’t matter if your scrap gold is items of broken jewellery like rings, chains, bracelets, odd earrings, charm bracelets, we will be able to accurately value and test your gold to offer you the best price. Our experts are able to acid test any item to determine the carat of your gold, i.e 9ct, 14ct, 18ct, 22ct or 24ct, we do this by filing the item and placing a small drop of acid on the file mark. The reaction the acid has will determine the carat of the item and the gold content. We also have the ability to X-ray your items to accurately test your gold. Once we have accurately assessed the weight and carat of your items, we will then be able to offer you the best price for your scrap gold. If you have accurately assessed your gold and have submitted the correct weights and carats on our sell gold form, we will simply pay you out the best price for your gold! We have no hidden charges and all payments are sent SAME-DAY, ensuring that you get cash for your gold quickly!

We are the UK’s Top Rates Gold Buyer and Scrap Gold Dealer

When it comes to selling your scrap gold, we understand the needs of our customer.

1) To get the best price for your scrap gold
2) To sell with confidence, knowing that your items are FULLY INSURED in the post
3) To ensure that you sell to a TRUSTWORTHY Company

The reason why Hatton Garden Metals has established itself as one of the UK’s NO.1. Companies to sell scrap gold to is because we have spent over 15 years offering our customers the best price for their gold. This has meant that we have bought gold from 100,000’s of happy customers who have all sold their gold to us for the best price. Our gold prices are updated with the London Bullion Market Association, and our online gold price calculator allows you to get an instant appraisal for your items. We buy gold with No hidden Fees and we simply offer you the best price. Unlike other scrap gold companies, we don’t negotiate and offer you a low price to ultimately pay you a higher price. WE OFFER THE BEST GOLD PRICE FIRST TIME! Our website also allows you to guarantee your price for 7 days, allowing you to lock in the gold price and send to us at your convenience.

When you send your gold to us, you can rest assured that you are selling to a reputable and trustworthy gold dealer who will be clear and transparent and offer you the best price for your gold. We pride ourselves on offering our customers the best customer service and this has earnt us 1000’s of 5* reviews online. If you aren’t happy with our prices, we will return your gold for Free using insured delivery.

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