Today's Gold Prices

The gold price is determined independently and updated on our website in real-time. For gold received by post, we use the price set by the LBMA at 10.30am each day. So if we receive your items tomorrow, you'll get tomorrow's prices which might be lower or higher than they are today.

Please note, although we make every effort to work off the fixed morning price, gold operates on a live and moving market, we therefore reserve the right to work off a live trading price when visiting our store.

Gold Prices

Gold 8ct £14.44/G
Gold 9ct £16.24/G
Gold 10ct £18.06/G
Gold 12ct £21.66/G
Gold 14ct £25.34/G
Gold 15ct £27.07/G
Gold 18ct £32.49/G
Gold 21ct £37.90/G
Gold 22ct £39.68/G
Gold 24ct £43.32/G

Gold Bar Prices

1g Gold Bar £44.70
2g Gold Bar £90.33
2.5g Gold Bar £112.91
5g Gold Bar £225.82
10g Gold Bar £447.02
20g Gold Bar £903.26
50g Gold Bar £2258.16
100g Gold Bar £4470.23
250g Gold Bar £11290.79
500g Gold Bar £22581.57
1000g Gold Bar £45163.15
1/2 Ounce Gold Bar £695.12
1 ounce Gold Bar £1390.24

Gold Coin Prices

Gold Sovereign Bonus 0.5% £331.81
Gold Half Sovereign £160.01
1Oz Gold Krugerrand Bonus 0.5% £1403.67
Gold Half Krugerrand £680.15
Gold Quarter Krugerrand £340.07
Gold Tenth Krugerrand £135.95
1oz Gold Britannia 24ct £1397.41
1oz Gold Britannia 22ct £1397.36
Gold Half Britannia £680.55
Gold Quarter Britannia £340.07
Gold Tenth Britannia £135.95
1Oz Australian Gold Nugget £1397.41
1Oz Gold Maple £1397.41
Gold China Panda £1404.57
Austrian Gold Philharmonic 1oz £1404.57
Mexican 50 Peso Gold £1641.90
$20 Eagle Liberty Head £1352.30
American Dollar Gold £1396.50
Swiss 20 Franc Gold £254.15
French 20 Franc Gold £254.15


Silver 500 £0.18/G
Silver 800 £0.28/G
Silver 925 £0.33/G
Silver 999 £0.35/G

Silver Bar Prices

1 Oz Silver Bar £11.85
100g SIlver Bar £38.09
250G Silver Bar £95.32
500g SIlver Bar £190.46
1kg SIlver Bar £380.92

Silver Coin Prices

Silver Britannia £11.85
Canada Silver Maple Leaf £11.86
Silver American Dollar £11.86
Silver Philharmonic £11.86
Australia Silver Nugget £11.86
China Silver Panda £11.86
Silver American Buffalo £11.86

Palladium Prices

Palladium 950 £38.09/G
Palladium 999 £40.05/G

Platinum Prices

Platinum 950 £16.55/G
Platinum 999 £17.40/G

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