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Gold Price History

Low:£883.00 High:£1918.83 Average:£1294.31

Ever since its discovery gold has been used and valued as a precious metals, as far back as 3100BC in Ancient Egypt Gold was valued as ‘one part of gold equals two and one parts silver in value’. From the Egyptians through the Greeks and the Romans, every civilization has valued and traded gold.

Modern Gold Price History

Gold stayed at a reasonably steady price until a sharp rise in price in 1980 coupled with the severe economic recession when gold jumped up in price from £110.80 (Jan 1st 1979) to £320.79 (Jan 14th 1980). At the turn of the last century 2000, the Gold market settling at around $270 per troy ounce, or £185 per troy ounce.

From 2000 until 2010 gold rose to an average price of around $1100 per troy ounce, or £750 p/troy ounce. This exponential rise over 10 years in trading, whilst seeing some in-year fluctuations, presented a market rise of 407.4% in the market price of gold. This gradual and consistent rise was interpreted by many to be the modern gold rush. During this period Gold became far easier to buy and with the advent of the internet gold coins and bullion became even easier to trade. The trade in the price of gold was not limited to banks or institutional investors, everyday collectors and traders now find it easy with companies like Hatton Garden Metals to buy and invest in Gold in a simple, clear and secure way.

Today’s Gold Price

Many investors have seen their long-term gold holdings reach large profits when both buying and selling gold. Looking more recently in the last 10 years Gold has increased in price again. The price of gold has seen more major fluctuations over the last 10 years. As geopolitical shifts over the last 10 years have drifted more into the public and institutional consciousness. The gold price has been tied to the concept of safe haven investing for many years now and this status has meant that at times of uncertainty the gold price has seen a bum in price.

Gold as a Safe Haven Investment

In times of economic uncertainty and global crisis the gold market has always done very well. Indeed, with the unprecedented events that have been seen during the first and second quarter of 2020, it is not surprising that gold has reached historical heights. Making this a good time for investors to release gold, as well as see the demand to buy gold surge enormously. Hatton Garden Metals is the UK’s No.1 Gold Seller and provides customers, and investors with Gold at the very best prices. Making a Safe Haven Investment with Hatton Garden Metals is simple, clear and secure.

US - China tensions, US – Russia tension, Coronavirus, the 2008 financial crisis, and seemingly every international event has an effect on gold. That effect has historically been a rise in the price of gold. Most attribute this to gold’s status as a safe haven during volatile times. When we see any sudden drops or highs in the gold market this will usually correlate with a global economic factor, or a global crisis.

Gold is effectively a currency, so unlike other commodities that can be priced relative to a supply and demand algorithm, the price of gold is influenced by a variety of factors. Central banks and that countries trading of their own gold and paper money printing will influence the price of gold. Inflation and interest rates will also have an impact on how gold is traded and priced. When inflation is high, the value of paper currency will fall with regards to the purchasing power of paper money. When this happens, demand for gold increases as people want to invest their money in a commodity or currency that doesn’t lose value.

The cost of mining gold is expensive, as a result, the mining and therefore supply of physical gold is responsive to the market price point of gold. If the value of gold falls too low to make the production worthwhile, this will slow, and this in turn will affect the price as demand catches up with supply and vice versa. This forms a delicate balancing at and can have effects on the price of gold

Throughout our history, gold is one of the oldest and most reliable form of currency and as a market is fascinating to watch and be a part of. Hatton Garden provides gold to investors at the best prices and allows investors and collectors alike to invest in gold when they feel the market determines it is a good time to buy gold.

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Buying Gold through Hatton Garden Metals is easy, secure and hassle-free. You can easily view our items online and buy using the live price at any point. You can add to your portfolio at any point with our online service, giving you full control over your investments. We offer an honest and reliable service and have thousands of reviews from investors. Our tiered pricing allows you to also take advantage of our bulk buy discounts when you want to invest in Gold. Some of the most popular investor products such as the Gold Sovereign, the 1 oz gold Britannia, the 1 oz Gold Krugerrand and of course the full range of fine gold bars are available here for our investor customers.

Trust and reliability are valued more than ever and form the cornerstone of our business. As a company that deals with high value items, we understand the importance of security and discretion when storing your investments. We are offering fully-allocated storage, and your gold will be stored in a grade 6 Chubb safe within a Grade 10 secured vault. Should you wish to take delivery of your gold investment, we offer Free Postage on all our items. We use Royal Mail Special Delivery to ensure your investment gold arrives with you fully insured and secure. If you want to discuss your gold investment then call us today on 0207 404 4000.

Buy physical Gold

Physical Gold is one of the most important investments to hold. There is no risk of forfeiture with physical gold, as your items are either held in secured storage with us or sent out securely with Royal Mail Special Delivery. You can choose physical gold in a variety of formats. This allows you to add to your investment or sell parts of your investment easily with Hatton Garden Metals. Our online porthole for investors allows easy access to your gold investments.

Buying British

Buying British Minted Gold is extremely popular with investors. British minted gold such as the gold sovereign and the 1oz gold Britannia are Capital Gains Tax (CGT) Free. This means that when you come to release your investments bought from Hatton Garden Metals, you have to pay no Capital gains Tax on the profits from those sales, allowing investors to maximise on their profits. Hatton Garden Metals supplies investors with the Gold Sovereign, this is one of the most accessible and popular items for investors of all sizes due to its relative affordability. This British coin not only holds CGT Free status but also holds collector status amongst investors.

Many investors see holding a proportion of their savings or investments in physical gold as good practice. Investors are therefore less reliant of financial institutions for the safekeeping of their wealth. Holding physical gold forms a pillar of strength to your investment and Hatton Garden Metals allows the safe, secure and simple way of investing in physical gold. Call us today on 0207 404 4000 to discuss how we can help you invest in physical gold today

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