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Platinum Bars & Coins

Invest with confidence by acquiring platinum from trusted and experienced bullion dealer; Hatton Garden Metals. Platinum stands as a compelling asset for your portfolio, thanks to its industrial significance and rarity as a precious metal. For investors seeking platinum, explore our extensive selection of platinum coins and bars to secure your platinum bullion at the most competitive prices. Your investment journey starts here, backed by expertise and reliability.

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Buy Platinum Bars & Coins

Certified 2.5g Platinum Bar PAMP Suisse


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Platinum 1oz Bar - PAMP Suisse


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2.5g Platinum Bar PAMP Suisse


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Platinum Britannia 1 oz Coin


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Platinum Maple 1oz Coin


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Australian 1 Oz Platypus


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Platinum Bars & Coins

Buy Platinum bullion bars. Our platinum bullion bars are supplied from prestigious, world recognised mints. All orders include an option of FREE storage, fully insured FREE delivery or collection from our London store. Platinum bars are popular with investor who want to diversify their precious metals portfolio.

Features of a Platinum bar

  • Platinum bullion bars are supplied in a variety of styles including hand poured, cast or minted bars.
  • Platinum bars have an assay of 999.5% and are produced in a variety of denomination from 1g to large and heavy investment bars.
  • Platinum bars incur a VAT charge of 20% which will be added to your final invoice.
  • Platinum bullion bars feature their full assay hallmark which is often stamped onto the front of the bar, showing the Company which minted the bar, the fineness and weight.
  • Our storage solution with 6 months FREE storage offers you total confidence; allowing you to buy and store platinum and then sell it back to us when the time is right for you.

Invest with assurance by choosing our Platinum bullion bars. These bars are sourced from prestigious, globally recognized mints, ensuring the highest quality for your investment. When you place an order with Hatton Garden Metals you can enjoy the flexibility of FREE storage, SAME DAY delivery or convenient collection from our London store. Platinum bars are a favored choice among investors seeking to diversify their precious metals portfolio.

Key Features of Platinum Bars:

  • Variety of Styles: Our platinum bullion bars come in various styles, including cast or minted bars.
  • High Purity: With an assay of 999.5%, buy platinum bars in different denominations, ranging from 1g to large and heavy investment bars.
  • VAT Charge: Please note that platinum bars incur a 20% VAT charge, which will be added to your final invoice.
  • Full Assay Hallmark: Each platinum bullion bar proudly displays its full assay hallmark, often stamped or layered onto the front. This hallmark indicates the minting company, fineness, and weight.

Consider our storage solution, offering 6 months of FREE storage, providing you with absolute confidence. This option allows you to buy and securely store platinum, with the flexibility to sell it back to us when the time is right for you. Choose our Platinum bullion bars for a compelling investment journey backed by quality and convenience.

Why you should buy platinum?

Investing in platinum can enhance the diversity of your portfolio. In a market known for its greater volatility compared to gold and silver, strategic buying and selling at opportune times can enable investors to capitalize on profitable opportunities.

What is so special about platinum?

Platinum boasts numerous practical applications across a diverse spectrum of industries

  • Exceptional Durability: Platinum is more dense than gold making it more durable. This heightened durability makes it exceptionally practical for industrial machinery such as the automobile industry for catalytic converters.
  • Industrial Utility: Platinum is a white or greyish-white color and looks similar in appearance to white gold. Its versatility extends its use in various applications such as jewelry making, electrical contacts, and laboratory equipment.
  • Global Significance: A significant portion of the world's platinum is sourced from South Africa, underscoring its global importance.
  • Automotive Industry Demand: Over one-third of the world's mined platinum is dedicated to the automotive industry. It is a key component in catalytic converters, vital for converting harmful emissions from vehicles into less toxic substances.
  • Limited Supply: Unlike some other precious metals, platinum's supply is limited. As demand, particularly from the automotive sector, continues to rise, the value of platinum is poised to follow suit.
  • Growing Demand for Investment: There is a burgeoning demand for platinum bars as more investors recognize its unique properties and industrial importance.

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