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Sell gold jewellery, gold coins and gold bars, watches and more. Clear pricing with no hidden charges. Track your sale online in real-time. Payment on day of receipt. A trustworthy service with unbeatable prices.

See a list of items we buy. If you're not sure about hallmarking, our guide to hallmarking will help.

If you don't know the weights or carats of items you want to sell, or would rather not enter them here, you can simply request a free prepaid postal pack.

  Estimate Weight (g)
Gold 9ct
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Gold 14ct
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Investors looking to sell gold coins, look no further! THE MORE YOU SELL, THE HIGHER WE PAY. Don't miss out on this opportunity to make the most of your gold coins. Choose us and sell your gold coins at the best possible price.

Gold Sovereign£419.60
Gold Half Sovereign£207.64
1 Oz Gold Krugerrand£1,765.71
1/2 Oz Gold Krugerrand£882.60
1/4 Oz Gold Krugerrand£441.30
1/10 Oz Gold Krugerrand Mixed Dates £176.42
1 Oz Gold Britannia £1,785.26
1 Oz Gold Britannia - Pre 2012£1,765.71
1/2 Oz Gold Britannia - 24ct version £892.63
1/4 Oz Gold Britannia Mixed Dates £441.43
1/10 Oz Gold Britannia 24ct £178.53
1 Oz Gold Nugget£1,766.85
1 Oz Gold Maple£1,785.26
1 Oz Gold Panda£1,766.85
1 Oz Austrian Philharmonic£1,766.85
Mexican Gold 50 Pesos£2,108.43
American $20 Gold Eagle Liberty Head£1,692.00
American Dollar Gold£1,765.71
20 Swiss Franc Gold Coin£326.36
French 20 Francs£326.36
1g Gold Bar£56.81
2g Gold Bar£113.62
2.5g Gold Bar£142.03
5g Gold Bar£284.06
10g Gold Bar£568.12
20g Gold Bar£1,136.24
50g Gold Bar£2,840.60
100g Gold Bar£5,681.20
250g Gold Bar£14,203.01
500g Gold Bar£28,406.01
1000g Gold Bar£56,812.02
1/2 Oz Gold Bar£883.43
1 Oz Gold Bar£1,766.85
1 Oz Silver Britannia 999£21.58
1 Oz Silver Canadian Maple Leaf£21.58
1 Oz U.S Silver Eagle £21.58
1 Oz Silver Philharmonic£21.58
1 Oz Australia Silver Nugget£21.58
1 Oz Silver Chinese Panda£21.58
1 Oz Silver American Buffalo£21.58
1 Oz Silver Bar£21.58
100g Silver Bar£69.38
250g Silver Bar£173.44
500g Silver Bar£346.88
1 Kg Silver Bar£693.77
  Estimate Weight (g)
Silver 500
Silver 800
Silver 925
Silver 999
  Estimate Weight (g)
Platinum 950
Platinum 999
  Estimate Weight (g)
Palladium 950
Palladium 999


If you would like to include your own carat or any notes, please enter them below.

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Sell my Scrap Gold

The price of scrap gold is at historic hights and there is no better time to cash in on the high gold price and sell your scrap gold today. If your items of jewellery are unwanted and/or broken, or, if you are looking for INSTANT cash, now is the time to sell your scrap gold for the best price. Selling scrap gold to one of the UK’s Top rated Scrap gold buyers is simple, safe and hassle-free. Hatton Garden Metals, will ALWAYS offer you the BEST PRICE for your gold first time. Use our sell gold calculator form to get the price that we would pay for your scrap gold today. If you are happy with the price you see on the screen, you can lock in and guarantee your gold price today. As soon as you post your items to us, we will pay you this exact amount! No hidden Fees, ever! We also offer a hassle-free postage service allowing you to send your gold to us with one of our fully insured postal bag. We have been in business for over 15 years, and have bought gold from 100,000’s of happy customers. Trust the Gold Experts and cash your gold today! Sell gold to a professional Gold Buyer and have peace of mind you are being paid the best maximum price.

How to use a Gold Calculator

Our gold price calculator form allows you to enter the carats and weights of the scrap gold and/or broken jewellery you are looking to sell to get an INSTANT GOLD PRICE. Our gold prices are worked out based on the lasted daily gold prices as set by the London Bullion Market Association, giving you confidence that you are selling your gold for maximum profit. To use our online gold calculator all you need to tell us is the carat of your items and the weight. You will be able to find out the carat of your item(s) by looking at any hallmarks or stamps which your items are marked with and you will be able to get a weight using household kitchen scales. As a professional and trustworthy company with 1000’s of Excellent reviews, we will ALWAYS retest your items to ensure that you are being paid for the correct gold content. If you are unable to locate a hallmark or stamp, do not worry. You can submit your carat as any value you believe your items to be and we will get in touch with any differences.

How to calculate the price of my gold

Our gold calculator form allows you to work out the gold price we would pay you based on the gold content of your items. This useful tool calculates prices based on the latest gold price as set by the LBMA ensuring that we offer you the maximum and best price for your gold! You simply need to enter the carat (s) of your item i.e., 9ct, 14, 18ct, 22ct, 24ct and the weight. Once you have entered these details into the relevant cells, PRESS CALCULATE and this will give you the price we would pay you for your items! We have no hidden charges and the price you see will be the price you will get for your gold. Once we have received your items you will be paid out that same day to get instant cash in your bank. You can paid within 24hours from start to finish! It’s important to remember that when comparing our prices to other gold dealers that you are comparing like-with-like. Nowadays, a lot of online scrap gold companies show you false and unrealistic prices and their gold calculators will show you the LIVE GOLD PRICE and NOT the price they would pay for your items - This difference can be massive! So always remember when using an online gold calculator tool that you are being shown the price a company would PAY FOR YOUR ITEMS!

What we buy - Scrap gold hallmarks and carats

We buy anything made of gold, silver, platinum or palladium – and any quantity! This includes broken and unbroken scrap gold jewellery such as rings, bracelets, odd earrings, necklaces and gold bullion such as gold coins, gold bars, gold sheet and gold grain.

Our pre-paid gold packs can be insured for up to £2,500 giving you confidence when posting your metal. For larger gold metal sales, you can visit our London store here.

A hallmark or stamp is the easiest way to work out the carat of your jewellery. The table below shows the hallmarks /stamps and the matching carat values.

  • 375 Stamp or Hallmark = 9 carat gold
  • 585 Stamp or Hallmark = 14 carat gold
  • 750 Stamp or Hallmark = 18 carat gold
  • 916 Stamp or Hallmark = 22 carat gold

If your items do not have a hallmark or stamp, do not worry. We ALWAYS pay the same price for your scrap gold regardless of whether the scrap gold items you are selling are hallmarked or non-hallmarked. As gold experts we are able to determine the carat of your items by using acid testing and/or x-raying. When we acid test as item, we will make a small scratch on the items with a jewellery file and place a drop of acid on top of the file mark. When the acid reacts with the gold this will determine the purity of the gold and tell us the carat. We also have x-ray facilities where a piece of machinery can determine and analyse the gold purity of an item.

If you are unsure of the carat or your item, you can submit the item as the carat you believe the item to be and we will get in touch if there are any difference. All scrap gold submitted to us is re-tested by our gold experts so you can be confident you are always being paid what your metal is worth.

Sell scrap gold process

Sell scrap gold using our leading postal service form anywhere in the UK. Our London store is located in the Jewellery capital - Hatton Garden and we receive postal parcels from anywhere in the UK; London, Leeds, Birmingham, Scotland, Ireland as customers choose us as they want to get the best prices for their scrap gold.

Selling Gold to us online is simple, safe and allows you to get the best prices for your scrap gold. Our online prices are much higher than what you are likely to receive on the high street from your local jeweller or pawnbroker.

1) Get the best price using our sell gold calculator form
2) Send your metal to us or request a pre-paid insured gold pack
3) Get Paid! Cash in your bank immediately with no hidden fees!

If there are any weight or carat discrepancies over 2g we will always your authorisation before sending payment. Be fully satisfied when selling gold to us, or we will return your items for FREE and fully insured. We operate a NO OBLIGATION service, if you reject our offer – your items are returned free of charge.

Sell scrap gold and get paid in under 24 hours!

Our online gold selling process is fast to use allowing you to cash out at the most profitable price. We offer the best prices online with no hidden fees. We pay out on the day we receive your scrap gold. We don’t require a lengthy phone call, nor do we price haggle. Your parcel is simply tracked and processed in real-time and paid out with an instant transfer on the day we receive your gold. Our automatic gold buying system save you time, allowing you to get the cash in your account as quickly as possible with an instant payment – that’s our 100% customer satisfaction guarantee.

Selling gold safely online

When selling gold online it’s important to use a reputable and trustworthy company to ensure that you get the best price for your gold. Hatton Garden Metals has spent years dedicating our business to providing an excellent and transparent service reflected in our 1000’s of Excellent online reviews. Our gold buyers are experts and are able to analyse the gold content in jewellery and gold bullion to offer you the best price. We are confident in our pricing and will happily state that we pay more than any other scrap gold dealer for the same items. Before selling valuable gold, do your research and make sure that the prices that you see on screen are what companies will pay for your gold!

Sell Gold in our London Store

Looking to sell gold in person in London? Look no further than our London store located in the prestigious Hatton Garden. We offer the best prices for your valuable gold and silver. Experience a simple and easy process with our team of experts who use traditional acid testing along side cutting-edge technology like X-ray machines to evaluate your items accurately. At our secure store, we prioritize your convenience. We're open from 9am to 4pm, allowing you to visit at your preferred time. Upon arrival, you'll receive an instant price offer, and if you accept, we'll provide you with a same-day payment in cash or your preferred method.Selling gold has never been easier. Our efficient and knowledgeable professionals will assess the carat of your gold quickly, ensuring a smooth transaction. Our exceptional reputation as an honest and trusted gold buyer is reflected in the countless 5-star online reviews we've earned.Don't miss out and Sell your gold, scrap gold, gold coins, gold bars at our secure store today and receive the highest value for your jewellery, gold coins and gold bars.