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Enter your weights and carats into the form below to find out the value of your item. We pay based on the current metal prices on the day we receive your items. Same Day Payment is made into your bank. We have no hidden charges; we pay what your metal is worth. You get the best possible price and the fairest deal.

Fineness Weight (g)
9 Carat (375)  g
10 Carat (417)   g
12 Carat (500)   g
14 Carat (585)   g
15 Carat (625)   g
18 Carat (750)   g
20 Carat (834)   g
21 Carat (875)   g
22 Carat (916)   g
24 Carat (999)   g
  Carat   g
Fineness Weight (g)
500   g
800   g
925   g
999   g
Fineness Weight (g)
950   g
999   g
Fineness Weight (g)
950   g
999   g

Sell Coins & Bars

We buy in all gold coins and bars at a special coin rates and there is no limit to the amount of coins that we are able to buy in. Our on-site experts are able to process large amount of coins very efficiently giving you totally transparency when you are looking to sell your investment for the best price possible.

Gold Coins
Half sovereign  
Full sovereign  
Tenth krugerrand  
Quarter krugerrand  
Half krugerrand  
Full krugerrand  
Gold eagle (pre-1933)  
Chinese panda  
Australian nugget  
Half Canadian Maple  
Canadian Maple  
Half Britannia  
American dollar  
Austrian Philharmonic  
American Buffalo  
Gold Bars
1g Gold Bar  
2.5g Gold Bar  
5g Gold Bar  
10g Gold Bar  
20g Gold Bar  
50g Gold Bar  
100g Gold Bar  
250g Gold Bar  
500g Gold Bar  
1000g Gold Bar  
Tenth oz Gold Bar  
Qtr oz Gold Bar  
Half oz Gold Bar  
1 oz Gold Bar  
Silver Coins
Australian nugget  
Canadian Maple Leaf  
American dollar  
Austrian Philharmonic  
American Buffalo  
1 Oz Silver Coin  
Silver Bars
100g Silver Bar  
500g Silver Bar  
1000g Silver Bar  
1 Oz Silver Bar  


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The prices we pay depend on the London gold, silver and platinum fixes, which are set independently and change daily.  We show the up-to-date gold price on our website at all times.

The prices shown are for guidance only and are what we would have paid if we had received your items today. The amount you receive might be more or less than the amount shown depending on the fix on the day your items are received, which might be higher or lower than it is today.

Our Promise

Clear pricing & no hidden charges

Should you decline our offer, your items will be sent back free of charge & fully insured

Our 2g weight tolerance means we will contact you before payment

Same-day bank transfer using faster payment

Where our assessment of carat is lower than yours, we will always contact you

A trustworthy service with unbeatable prices

Payment Methods

Bank Transfer

Online banking payment Funds clear SAME DAY & email confirmation is sent once payment is made


Online card payment SAME DAY payment sent directly to your PayPal account


Cash payment All cheques sent our first class and should reach you next day

Love2shop Card

In-person transactions We send you a Love2Shop card with an additional 6% bonus for your metal. You will be able to spend your payment in over 95+ stores. PLUS receive a 5% discount when you load your card with own funds!


Cash payment You can cash out your metal in our London based store. No appointment needed