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Sell Gold

  Per GWeight (g)
Gold 8ct£14.44
Gold 9ct£16.24
Gold 10ct£18.06
Gold 12ct£21.66
Gold 14ct£25.34
Gold 15ct£27.07
Gold 18ct£32.49
Gold 21ct£37.90
Gold 22ct£39.68
Gold 24ct£43.32

Sell Gold Coins

Gold SovereignBonus 0.5%£331.81
Gold Half Sovereign£160.01
1Oz Gold KrugerrandBonus 0.5%£1403.67
Gold Half Krugerrand£680.15
Gold Quarter Krugerrand£340.07
Gold Tenth Krugerrand£135.95
1oz Gold Britannia 24ct£1397.41
1oz Gold Britannia 22ct£1397.36
Gold Half Britannia£680.55
Gold Quarter Britannia£340.07
Gold Tenth Britannia£135.95
1Oz Australian Gold Nugget£1397.41
1Oz Gold Maple£1397.41
Gold China Panda£1404.57
Austrian Gold Philharmonic 1oz£1404.57
Mexican 50 Peso Gold£1641.90
$20 Eagle Liberty Head£1352.30
American Dollar Gold£1396.50
Swiss 20 Franc Gold£254.15
French 20 Franc Gold£254.15

Sell Gold Bars

1g Gold Bar£44.70
2g Gold Bar£90.33
2.5g Gold Bar£112.91
5g Gold Bar£225.82
10g Gold Bar£447.02
20g Gold Bar£903.26
50g Gold Bar£2258.16
100g Gold Bar£4470.23
250g Gold Bar£11290.79
500g Gold Bar£22581.57
1000g Gold Bar£45163.15
1/2 Ounce Gold Bar£695.12
1 ounce Gold Bar£1390.24

Sell Silver

  Per GWeight (g)
Silver 500£0.18
Silver 800£0.28
Silver 925£0.33
Silver 999£0.35

Sell Silver Coins

Silver Britannia£11.85
Canada Silver Maple Leaf£11.86
Silver American Dollar£11.86
Silver Philharmonic£11.86
Australia Silver Nugget£11.86
China Silver Panda£11.86
Silver American Buffalo£11.86

Sell Silver Bars

1 Oz Silver Bar£11.85
100g SIlver Bar£38.09
250G Silver Bar£95.32
500g SIlver Bar£190.46
1kg SIlver Bar£380.92

Sell Platinum

  Per GWeight (g)
Platinum 950£16.55
Platinum 999£17.40

Sell Palladium

  Per GWeight (g)
Palladium 950£38.09
Palladium 999£40.05

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The prices we pay depend on the London gold, silver and platinum fixes, which are set independently and change daily.  We show the up-to-date gold price on our website at all times. The prices shown are for guidance only and are what we would have paid if we had received your items today. The amount you receive might be more or less than the amount shown depending on the fix on the day your items are received, which might be higher or lower than it is today.

Payment Options

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Bank Transfer

Same-day free of charge service, after order processing the funds clear within 2 hours into your bank account.


Same-day payment sent directly to your PayPal account (additional PayPal charges may apply)


All our cheques are dispatched by Royal Mail 1st Class delivery and should reach you next day.


Cash payments are available in our Hatton Garden, London store. No appointment needed. ID required.

Customer Reviews

We are proud to have received over 1,000 reviews on FreeIndex and are rated ‘Excellent’ on TrustPilot. We are very proud of our reputation as a reliable, honest and trustworthy bullion service and invite our customers to leave honest reviews about their experience with us.

Eddie Thomson
Fri, 26 Jun 2020 07:50 GMT


5.0 out of 5
First class. I tell my friends that you are simply the best.
Company response : Hi Eddie Thank you for this fantastic 5 star review. We love hearing that our regular customers are continuously happy with our services. We..

Pat Holdich
Mon, 1 Jun 2020 18:55 GMT


5.0 out of 5
Another great deal done - this Company is 2nd to none - always a good price.
You can always get a great deal - there are to many cowboys out there and rip off merchants - THIS REALLY IS A COMPANY THAT CAN BE TRUSTED.

Carolyn Shaw
Mon, 18 May 2020 09:07 GMT


5.0 out of 5
Have used HGM several times for both buying and selling. They have always maintained absolutely brilliant service. Patient, efficient and professional. Highly recommended.
Company response : Hi Carolyn Thank you for this..

Lee Mack
Tue, 31 Mar 2020 15:16 GMT


5.0 out of 5
Have used HGM a number of times over the past seven years. Always excellent service. Payment rapidly deposited into bank account. Trustworthy, safe and reliable. Have often found that the payment is more than I expected.