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  Per GEstimate Weight (g)
Gold 9ct£16.11
Gold 10ct£17.92
Gold 12ct£21.48
Gold 14ct£25.14
Gold 15ct£26.85
Gold 18ct£32.23
Gold 21ct£37.60
Gold 22ct£39.36
Gold 24ct£42.97
Gold Sovereign£342.00
Gold Half Sovereign£171.00
1oz Gold Krugerrand£1,439.30
Half Oz Gold Krugerrand£719.44
Quarter Oz Gold Krugerrand Mixed Dates £359.72
Tenth Oz Gold Krugerrand Mixed Dates £144.54
1oz Gold Britannia £1,440.23
1oz Gold Britannia - Pre 2012 Date£1,439.30
Half Oz Gold Britannia £720.11
Quarter Oz Gold Britannia Mixed Dates £359.83
Tenth Oz Gold Britannia £145.51
1 Oz Gold Australian Nugget£1,447.65
1oz Gold Maple£1,440.23
1oz Gold Panda£1,440.23
Austrian Gold Philharmonic 1oz£1,440.23
Mexican 50 Pesos£1,736.75
$20 Gold Eagle Liberty Head£1,400.92
American Dollar Gold£1,454.14
20 Swiss Franc Gold Coin£270.21
French 20 Francs£270.21
1g Gold Bar£46.79
2g Gold Bar£93.57
2.5g Gold Bar£115.77
5g Gold Bar£233.94
10g Gold Bar£463.10
20g Gold Bar£926.19
50g Gold Bar£2,315.48
100g Gold Bar£4,630.96
250g Gold Bar£11,577.41
500g Gold Bar£23,154.82
1000g Gold Bar£46,309.64
1/2 Oz Gold Bar£720.11
1 Oz Gold Bar£1,440.23
Silver Britannia 999£15.59
1oz Silver Canadian Maple Leaf Coin£15.60
1oz Silver American Dollar£15.60
1oz Silver Philharmonic£15.60
1oz Australia Silver Nugget£15.60
1oz Silver Chinese Panda Coin£15.60
1oz Silver American Buffalo£15.60
1 Oz Silver Bar£15.25
100g Silver Bar£50.12
250g Silver Bar£125.40
500g Silver Bar£250.58
1kg Silver Bar£501.16
  Per GEstimate Weight (g)
Silver 500£0.20
Silver 800£0.32
Silver 925£0.37
Silver 999£0.40
  Per GEstimate Weight (g)
Platinum 950£18.34
Platinum 999£19.29
  Per GEstimate Weight (g)
Palladium 950£37.56
Palladium 999£39.50


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