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1 Oz Silver Bar£20.70
100g Silver Bar£66.57
250g Silver Bar£166.43
500g Silver Bar£332.86
1 Kg Silver Bar£665.73
Sell 1oz Silver Bar

Sell 1oz Silver Bar

We Pay
£ 20.70

Sell 100g Silver Bar

Sell 100g Silver Bar

We Pay
£ 66.57

Sell 250g Silver Bar

Sell 250g Silver Bar

We Pay
£ 166.58

Sell 1kg Silver Bar

Sell 1kg Silver Bar

We Pay
£ 665.73

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Bank transfer

Bank Transfer







Silver and gold bars have for years been one of the most popular ways of storing wealth and investing. When you come to sell your collection of silver, or sell your silver investment it’s important that you choose a partner with years of experience, thousands of 5* reviews and the name in the trade that people trust when it comes to selling silver.

Hatton Garden Metals is the UK’s No. 1 Silver buyer. We offer the best prices for silver bars in the UK. Our expert buyers will ensure that your items are bought in correctly and accurately. This allows us to offer you the best prices in the UK for your silver. Our service is honest, trustworthy and reliable making us the top destination in the UK for selling silver.

As the UK’s No.1 Silver Buyer we deal with a vast array of silver bars each day. Our expert silver buyers are the best in the world when it comes to accurately identifying, assessing and verifying silver. We offer the knowledge and the expertise to our customers so you know you can sell to the best, allowing you to get the best price for your silver bars.

Our silver bar prices change daily based on the London gold, silver, platinum and palladium fixes, so you can ensure you are always getting a relevant and top-rate market price for your coins.

Why sell silver bars to us?

As one of the UK’s leading bullion houses, we pave the way in innovation on best pricing for silver bars, to this extent we pay the highest prices for the world’s most popular bars, this includes Metalor, Pamp, Baird to name a few. We have a store in Hatton Garden, London if you would like to sell in person. For those based further afield, we have a market leading postal service. We have no hidden fees or charges and the sale of any silver is always made with a Same-Day Payment. Our website allows you to track the real-time sale of your bars, and if you sell in store, you will be given remittance advise for your sale and see the full process through from start to finish.

Sell my silver bars

Calculate how much you could get by entering the details on our silver bar form. We pay based on the current metal prices on the day we receive your items. Same Day Payment is made into your bank. We have no hidden charges; we pay what your silver bars are worth. You get the best possible price and the fairest deal. We buy in all silver coins and bars at a special rates and there is no limit to the number of coins that we are able to buy in

What price will I get for my silver bars?

As one of the UK’s leading bullion houses, we are able to offer the best prices when you come to sell your silver bars. We publish our prices on a daily basis and you will receive the price on the day you submit your items if you choose our price guarantee offer, or on the day you bring your items to us. Our expert silver buyers will be able to accurately buy you silver bars in and assess them the same day, allowing hassle free and same day payment for your silver items.

Is now a good time to sell silver bars?

As with any investment it is impossible to predict if the price will rise or fall, however when you sell silver bars to Hatton Garden Metals you can rest assured that you will receive the highest prices from Hatton Garden Metals for your silver. Our expert silver buyers will accurately assess your silver bars and pay you the highest pries for silver in the UK.

What silver bars can I sell?

Hatton Garden Metals are the UK’s No.1 Silver buyers. We purchase silver bars in any weight from the 1g silver bar to the 5 kilo silver bar and all different weights in between. Whether your bar is sealed or unsealed , 1g or 1 kilo you will get the best price for your silver bar by selling to the Silver experts at Hatton garden metals.

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