Many investors who choose to invest in physical gold store their gold bullion in the comfort and safety of their own home. Gold is small and tangible and therefore easily hidden, a large value can be represented by a very small volume of fine gold. You could therefore get imaginative and hide this wealth in an obscure safe place such as under a floorboard, wall, and secret compartment in your home – anywhere that would not be easily accessed if you were unfortunate enough to get burgled. Alternatively, you could invest in a small safe for your home which can be attached to a floor or wall to safeguard your physical investment. Safety deposit boxes are also anther options to protect your physical gold.

Physical gold is also very liquid and easy to release. When looking to offload your gold we suggest that you do online research and understand the value you are being offered in relation to the current gold price. At Hatton Garden Metals we are very clear about the price offered for your physical gold. Unlike other companies, we have no hidden charges and you can can sell your gold in the comforts of our secured trade counter in Hatton Garden, London. Also, unlike other companies, regardless of whether you purchased your gold through us originally we will still offer you an unbeatable trade price for your items. Payment by Hatton Garden Metals is also issued straightaway and bank transfers are made using faster payment