GOLD BRITANNIA Minted pre 2013


WEIGHT: 34.05g

FINE GOLD: 1 troy ounce

DIAMETER: 32.69 mm

GOLD BRITANNIA minted 2013 – present year


WEIGHT: 31.104g

FINE GOLD: 1 troy ounce

DIAMETER: 38.61 mm (2013 only)

DIAMETER: 32.69mm (2014 – present)

The 1oz Gold Britannia coin is one of the most popular bullion coins amongst British investors. This fantastic British coin has been minted in bullion gold along with proof coins every year since the first Gold Britannia was minted in 1987. Between the years of 1987 upto 2013 the Britannia coin was manufactured in 22ct. Like so many other countries 1oz Gold Coins (most notably the 1oz Gold Krugerrand) the Gold Britannia contained 1 troy ounce of fine gold, but was alloyed with copper (until 1989) then with silver (1989-2012) to bring the carat value of the coin to 22ct.

In 2013 the Royal Mint started manufacturing these coins with a purity of 24 ct, and produced a ‘flatter shaped’ or ‘Thin’ Britannia gold coin specifically for this year.

The Royal Mint proudly states the Britannia Gold Coin is ‘renowned for their beauty and reliability’ and we certainly second that, along with their popularity amongst British investors the gold Britannia is recognised and reliable throughout the world.

The Britannia Gold coin depicts Queen Elizabeth II and was designed by Jody Clark, the reverse of the coin features Britannia, and was designed by Phillip Nathan. Gold Britannia’s are only minted at The Royal Mint, who press thousands of these coins each year depending on their supply and the demand for gold. The goddess Britannia-armed with a trident and shield is the female personification of Britain-first appeared on Roman coins in the second century AD.

The Gold Britannia coin is considered favourable against investors as its ‘legal tender’ status, and face value of £100 (despite the considerably higher value of the coin in gold) means that these coins are not subject to Capital Gains Tax in the UK to British investors.

Like many other 1oz Coins, including the Gold Krugerrand, the Canadian Maple and the Chinese Panda coins, to name but a few, the British Gold Britannia is minted in smaller denominations of 1 troy ounce that are listed below:

2013 – Present

5 Troy Ounce Coin

1 Troy Ounce Britannia

Half Ounce Britannia

Quarter Ounce Britannia

Tenth Ounce Britannia

Twentieth Ounce Britannia

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