With COVID-19 dictating the majority of our lives during 2020, there has been an overwhelming interest in the Gold Market as a way of both releasing funds for investors and for new investors wanting to take advantage of golds rising market price that has been seen in 2020. Historically, gold has always done well in times of global crisis and economic uncertainty and has long been considered a ‘safe haven’ for investors.

RestLess.co.uk, a website which provides a wealth of information and advice for today’s generation of over 50’s & 60’s recently published an interesting article listing 5 Facts About Investing In Gold. It is a great easy read that provides a neutral and balanced report about investing in gold.

Gold Investment Report

We are always encouraging our investors to do their research on investments in gold and here at Hatton Garden Metals, we aim to provide our customers with the best possible price for their gold purchases coupled with a fantastic service. We are proud to be amongst the first in the industry to offer FREE STORAGE for 8 months to our customers.

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Gold Storage