With the amazing price of Gold at the start 2021 you will find the best value in Second Hand Jewellery here at Hatton Garden Metals.

Looking for that unique piece of Jewellery for yourself or a gift for someone special? Here at Hatton Garden Metals you are sure to find that special something you love.

Second Hand Jewellery provides the opportunity to own pre-loved jewellery at amazing prices. Access to an unprecedented amount for fantastic stock with a huge variety of interesting pieces from dress rings to necklaces, bracelets to earrings, here at Hatton Garden Metals we sell it all.

Second Hand Jewellery not only provides quality and value in jewellery but also helps with the recycling process.

When buying from Hatton Garden Metals you know you are buying jewellery that has been quality checked and approved by our jewellery experts.

2nd Hand Jewellery from Hatton Garden Metals is available at a fraction of the price of high street retailers’ new jewellery. Receive the same quality and stunning jewellery at unbelievable prices.

Second Hand Jewellery from Hatton garden Metals is the NO.1 way to access high quality, unique and stunning jewellery at a fraction of the price form the high street stores.

With the huge rises in the price of gold it’s never been more important to shop wisely. Second Hand Chains especially the large gold chains for men are by their nature a large amount for Gold to buy. Here at Hatton Garden Metal’s we make the purchase as easy and straightforward as possible providing you with unbelievable value for heavy men’s chain, and bracelets.

Belcher Chains, curb chains

curb chains and rope chains are amongst our most popular items for our customers. We work hard to provide our customers with the best deals on heavy men’s jewellery.

Second Hand Jewellery is so in demand, here has never been a better opportunity to snap up great gold deals for second hand diamond rings, engagements ring and second-hand dress rings.

When you buy from Hatton Garden Metals you are guaranteed to find that perfect ring at the most amazing prices. Our second-hand jewellery is available at a fraction of the price of new items. Why pay more for second hand jewellery when we have fantastic stock here at Hatton Garden Metals available to buy now.

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