What does it mean to buy investment gold.

Buying Investment gold refers to buying gold as an investment rather than for jewelry or industrial use. This typically involves buying physical gold, such as gold bars or coins, and storing it in a secure location. Some people also invest in gold mining companies or other companies that are involved in the gold industry. The idea behind investing in gold is that it tends to hold its value over time and may even increase in value, providing a hedge against inflation and economic uncertainty.

Why should I buy British Gold?

There are several potential benefits to buying British gold. British gold coins such as the gold sovereign and the 1oz gold Britannia are one of the most recognised and tradable coins in the world. British gold is considered to be high quality and is widely recognized and accepted around the world. This can make it easier to buy, sell, or trade, as compared to less well-known or less widely recognized forms of gold.

A further benefit to buying British gold is that your investment is free from Capital Gains Tax. Capital Gains Tax is the tax owed on the profits of an investment once an asset is sold. As British gold is considered legal tender, CGT does not apply.

Additionally, buying British gold may have patriotic or sentimental value for some people, as it is a way to support the British economy and invest in a product that is associated with British history and culture.

Why should I buy physical gold?

Physical gold is one way to diversify your investment portfolio and potentially protect yourself against economic downturns or volatility in other markets. Gold is often seen as a "safe haven" investment that can hold its value even in times of uncertainty.

It is important to note that buying gold, like any investment, carries some risks and should be considered carefully before making a decision. It is always a good idea to do your own research and consult with a financial advisor before making any investment decisions.