Gold Price Chart

Gold Price Chart

Gold Price in Troy Oz
Low:£1,362 High:£1,375 Average:£1,367

Gold Price Chart 

To gain a better understanding of the current gold price, investors and businesses such as ourselves are always keen to look at the gold price history. A gold price graph is a bullion dealers’ best friend, without these hind-sights it near impossible to create a gold price forecast. Gold is trading on a live gold price and updates second to second based on the market rates, a gold price chart is a perfect tool to follow this movement. The current gold price is nearing all-time highs and many forecast even greater gains. Gold price history tells us that gold is a secure investment and has historically been a store of value. The gold price is widely considered to be on the rise due to worldwide economic instability.

When looking to buy or sell physical gold bullion we suggest always using a reputable bullion dealer to ensure that they are working off the latest gold price, this way you can be sure that you are always buying or selling gold at the market price. When buying gold bullion with us at Hatton Garden Metals you will be able to see that the price of our bullion products re-fresh every couple of minutes, allowing you to see that our prices are based on the live trading price of gold. Whether you sell scrap gold, gold bullion, gold coins or gold bars we will use that morning’s fixed price of gold. When visiting our counter, we reserve the right to work off the live gold price. You can rest assured that when buying or selling gold with Hatton Garden Metals we will always be working off an accurate gold price.

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