Today's UK Gold Prices

Today's UK Gold Prices

Gold Price in Troy Oz
Low:£1,362 High:£1,375 Average:£1,367

UK Gold Price

The gold price history stretches back centuries both in the UK and worldwide. In the present day the gold price is determined daily by the LBMA, first set in USD then converted to GBP to create a balanced UK gold price. The easiest way to follow the gold price per gram UK is to use a gold price chart. Many gold price charts will be presented in three different currencies as well as display the gold price in grams and ounces. The UK gold price is fundamental to the market today. As gold is considered a mainstay secure investment, the gold price is relevant to all financial interactions within precious metals. The UK gold price has been at record prices in 2020. Take a look at our gold price chart to get the UK gold price today, our chart measured the price of gold in British pounds and for one Troy Ounce of gold.

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