With 2021 now in the rear-view mirror we look forward to a positive and successful 2022. With the gold price still very much buoyant it’s an important time to realise your assets. Whether you want to make cash quick in 2022 or are looking at making easy money this year then look no further than Hatton Garden Metals. If you want to earn money quickly this year then sell your gold to Hatton Garden Metals for the highest prices for your gold. The Gold Price is at all-time highs so get rich quick this 2022 and sell your gold to Hatton Garden Metals.

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Follow these quick six tips for making money in 2022

1 Check your jewellery box for unworn gold jewellery

We pay the top UK price for gold Jewellery, unworn items of gold jewellery can generate lots of cash and we pay direct into your bank account, so turn your unwanted gold jewellery into cash with Hatton Garden Metals today.

2 Check for any broken Gold Jewellery

We pay the UK’s No.1 Price for scrap gold, odd earrings, broken chain, rings with stones missing, we pay the UK’s highest Prices for all broken jewellery, broken 9ct gold jewellery. Get the best price for broken jewellery.

3 Sell Any unwanted gifts

That unwanted chain, or unwanted Christmas gift, we buy all gold and silver jewellery. Have you received unwanted gifts this Christmas? Don’t leave them in your jewellery box, sell your unwanted Christmas gifts to Hatton Garden Metals and make instant cash.

4 Fast cash for Unwanted Jewellery

Have you been left a horrible ring, an unwanted piece of jewellery given to you by a distant relative? Make the best of it and sell your gold for cash and buy something you can use instead. Sell old wedding rings for instant cash today.

5 Sell Gold Coins and Bars

Do you have any old gold or silver coins? You can get quick cash by selling your gold coins and gold bars to Hatton garden Metals, we offer the best price in the UK for Gold sovereigns and gold Krugerrand. You can make fast cash in the new year by selling gold coins. If the coin is gold or silver then we will buy it.

6 Lock in your gold price

Use our guaranteed Gold price calculator and your price will be locked in for 5 days. The UK’s No.1 Gold Price, allowing you to have a guaranteed great price for your unwanted gold.

Get rich quick in 2022 and sell Hatton Garden Metals your gold jewellery, we buy scrap gold and gold jewellery for the best prices. You can make money quickly by selling gold, check your jewellery box for unwanted gold jewellery and be amazed and the easy money you will make from selling your gold to Hatton Garden Metals.

Our Top-Rated scrap gold buying service is available both in person and through the post, visit our Hatton garden trade counter or like hundreds of other customers use our No. 1 rated postal gold service. We continue to offer the UK’s best prices for Gold, Silver and precious metals, along with our unparalleled levels of service. Sell your scrap gold today with Hatton garden Metals and you will get the best price for your gold in the UK. Sell gold chain, sell gold ring whatever you have to sell and its gold and you want the best Price for your Gold then sell to the best gold buyers in the country and sell you gold to Hatton Garden metals.

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