Gold in 2024

2024 holds bright opportunities for gold investments. With new coins released and new ways to invest, buying and investing in Gold has never been more exciting. 2024 has seen the release of the New King Charles III sovereign, these coins have already proved a hit in the investment and numismatic collector’s world. The gold sovereign with its CGT Free Status is one of the UK’s most traded and invested in coins. With gold prices still at near all-time highs investors are sure to have another busy year with this precious metal.

Gold Outlook for 2024. The 2024 Gold King Charles III Sovereign

The geopolitical outlook holds a major impact on gold and conflicts in Israel, the middle east and the Ukraine are regrettably still continuing. The outlook for gold in times of conflict generally holds an upward trend, and these international conflicts are inextricably linked to rises in the price of gold through various geopolitical reasons.

With the impending elections in 2024 in the US, the volatility of US general elections is historically a time when gold also hits the news. Gold has historically been a safe haven for times of uncertainly, and the US election is a prime example of this uncertainly, depending on results, the stock market will no doubt react, which will also lead to movement in the gold price.

Invest in 2024

Following on from a surprisingly robust performance in 2023 many experts see further price gains in 2024, experts from Reuters expect to see record highs hit in 2024

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