Two lucky Australian gold diggers struck the jackpot when they unearthed two huge nuggets worth around £250,000! The pair of nuggets weighed in at just under 4 kilos in weight and were found near Tarnagulla in the state of Victoria!

The amazing find was recorded on a Discovery Channel programme and shows the family of prospectors striking rich within just a few hours of digging!

After waiting months for their permits to come through, Brent Shannon and his family were optimistic about what they would find, but no one could anticipate the size of the nuggets discovered!

According to Brent Shannon, part of the Poseidon Crew that unearthed the nuggets, the lucky digger proudly claimed ‘It was a bit of virgin ground which means it’s untouched and hasn’t been mined’ when speaking with Australian Breakfast show Sunrise.

The area has a rich history for gold nugget finds, in 2013 a novice miner found a nugget weighing 5.5kg just an hour drive of Tarnagulla, less than 50 cm below the ground!

The area has been notoriously popular for prospectors since the 1850’s but these recent finds have thrown the area strongly back up to the hot spot for miners.

Be right back, were off to Tarnagulla!