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Do you want to sell old gold, get cash for gold or sell gold coins and bars online? Gold Price Comparison sites are letting you down. Fact. The supposed ‘undercover audits' that these comparison sites have been conducting are not representative of the major gold sites, and the information has been manipulated to misinform you. 'Sell Gold in the UK' is one of the most popular terms in the google gold world and can lead you down the route of some interesting Gold Comparison websites that give over inflated prices and broken promises unless you are careful and use a trusted online Gold buyer.

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When you are looking to sell scrap gold, ask yourself these questions. Do you know who you are being recommended by? Are they being paid to link to a site? Are they independent? The answer may be more concerning that you’d think. If you sell jewellery, or have scrap gold to sell then think smart and get the most for your gold by choosing a trustworthy and independent gold bullion company.

Investigations have found that several ‘comparison’ sites and cash for gold bullion companies pay less than their advertised rates and are prepared to negotiate their offers! If you type in sell gold to google you will be flooded with sponsored compare gold price websites, paying huge fees to win your trust and pay you pittance. Want the best place to sell gold in the UK? Look no further than Hatton Garden Metals to sell gold.

What we recommend when selling gold

Review sites – See genuine customer reviews. We have thousands of combined 5* reviews on Free-Index and Trustpilot, telling real reviews and authenticating that we deliver on what we promise. A trustworthy service combined with the best prices for scrap gold.

Clear Prices – We clearly display our scrap gold prices; we have no hidden fees and pay for your gold on the day we receive your items. Always check the small prints when looking to sell gold to ensure that a bullion company has clear gold prices and check for hidden fees and charges. We don’t have any.

Chose Hatton Garden Metals

Hatton Garden Metals is family run, an honest and transparent Gold Bullion House with a track record of providing a quality service that’s 3 generations in the making. We have been here a long time and plan to be here for many years to come. There’s no quick buck in this industry. Quality, Value and Trust are the words we live by. We are more than just a postal gold company, you can visit us instore and we will value your items in front of you. Simple.

We are fiercely proud of our reputation in the industry and have worked hard to provide a clear, honest and straightforward way for you to sell gold. We keep things simple and easy and pay the UK’s best prices. That’s why we have thousands of repeat customers and are the trusted name in the jewellery trade for selling gold.

If you sell gold then we pay more than any company on a Gold price comparison website. FACT.

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