Will we see a seismic shift in the gold price from November 3rd? Incumbent president Donald Trump currently trails in the polls to former vice president Joe Biden.

Although Trump is currently behind in the polls, he produced a shock win in 2016 against Hilary Clinton, and with such a powerful and vocal support base rule nothing out. As the UK is well aware of polls can often be misleading.

The Gold price has experienced substantial growth and record highs under the Trump administration; ongoing recession, trade wars with China and of course the coronavirus pandemic, have all contributed substantially to this rise.

If Trump wins again, forecasters predict continued rises in the Gold Price, talk of $3,000 per ounce now seems less fanciful than before. Appetite for investment gold is not waning and continued demand for physical gold is still extremely strong whichever side the US come down on in 3 weeks time.

Watch this space as Gold will continue to hit the headlines whatever happens. Hatton Garden Metals will continue to provide Investment Gold at fantastic premiums and always the highest prices when you come to sell.

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