Want cash for your gold this year? And to earn big money in 2021?

The answer could be sitting right in front of you, or rather you may already be wearing it….

Gold has never been at such historic heights as right now! That old gold ring, or chain around your neck could be worth more than you think. Check out our gold calculator to work out what your gold is worth today.

How Much Is My Gold Worth

A great way to earn money in 2021 is to see the value in things you already have, odd earrings, broken chain, jewellery that you no longer wear…. Selling this gold is a great way to generate cash quick.

Jewellery such as Wedding rings come in all shapes, sizes and metals. 9ct gold, 14ct gold, 18ct gold and often 22ct gold wedding rings. We see lots of platinum and even palladium wedding rings which we also buy for top prices.

Now could not be a better time to cash in on these assets. Yes assets…. If you have unwanted gold, you hold a gold asset. It may only look like a small wedding ring but you will be amazed at the amount of cash you can get out of a wedding ring.

With Gold prices at near all-time highest prices now is a great time to sell your jewellery.

Sell Gold

Hatton Garden Metals buy in thousands of wedding rings and jewellery each year, and each item is carefully melted and recycled to make something new. Wedding rings can go on to form other types of jewellery, metal involved in healthcare and manufacturing as well as lots lots more.

So in 2021 make the most of your unwanted jewellery and sell it to Hatton Garden Metals for the UK’s Top Price

We pay cash into your account on the day we receive your items, turning unwanted Gold into cash could not be easier. What better way to generate cash in the New Year than sell your gold to Hatton Garden Metals?

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