Who is Kathy Lyons, pawnbroker? Who are the Gold Bullion daughters on ITV? Tune in to Million Pound Pawn to find out more about this incredible business and the fascinating world of buying and selling gold bullion, bars and coins.

Kathy Lyons, Pawnbroker for over 40 years was recently featured again on ITV’s hit primetime show Million Pound Pawn.

Kathy introduced her 'Gold Bullion Daughters' Emma and Zoe Lyons on the ITV show last week. Million Pound Pawn’s Kathy and her 'Gold Bullion daughters' highlighted the importance of reputable gold dealers like Hatton Garden Metals. Million Pound Pawn’s Emma and Zoe who run Hatton Garden Metals highlight the importance of a reputable gold buyer in assisting pawnbrokers in the valuations of gold and silver jewellery, coins and bars.

Hatton Garden Metals have a sterling reputation of trust, honesty and reliability and have worked with pawnbrokers and retail jewellers throughout the UK for years. Hatton Garden Metals are proud to extend all our Gold and Precious Metal services to public customers wanting to sell their gold and silver jewellery, bars and coins. Hatton Garden Metals are on the UK’s leading gold buyers, with thousands of customers every week selling gold and silver or visiting our premises based in London’s Hatton Garden, centre of the UK’s Bullion industry. To sell your gold to The UK's Top Rated Gold Buyers click here to Sell Gold Now

We were all excited to see the two sisters that run Hatton Garden Metals flashed across the screen on Thursday's Season 2 premier of ITV’s Million Pound Pawn. Emma and Zoe Lyons have been running Hatton Garden Metals for over 10 years, and we’re on hand to help their Pawnbroking Mum Kathy Lyons in valuing gold items presented by her client for sale.

Be sure not to miss the next episode of Million Pound Pawn on ITV, Thursday at 9pm, and see how the fascinating world of pawnbroking with high value asset works!