Carat values

.999 = 24 carat = 99.9%

.916 = 22 carat = 91.6%

.750 = 18 carat = 75%

.583 = 14 carat = 58.3%

.375 = 9 carat = 37.5%

How do you know the carat value?

We use acid testing, which involves filing into the item, and placing a small drop of Nitric Acid on the item. The reaction of the acid determines the carat of the items. For larger quantities or higher carats, we may need to Melt and Assay the items. (Please refer to the appropriate section of the Questions and Answers for this).

What is a hallmark?

A hallmark is an official mark or series of marks, struck on items made of precious metals. In the UK, a hallmark is made of several elements including: a mark for the type of metal, the makers’ mark and the year of making. Hallmarks are an official mark of guaranteed metal content.

Do you accept plated items?

No, we do not accept gold or silver plated items. This includes front and back lockets, rolled-gold items, electroplated silver, etc.

My items are jewellery, will you pay more for these?

We only buy items based on their precious metal content and will only pay the metal value for an item. For items with stones in, please refer to the appropriate section of the Questions and Answers.

I am not sure if my items are gold and/or the carat of the items

If you are unsure on either the carat value or precious metal content, please weigh all items that fall under this category. Once you have done this, either list them under the carat you think it is and make use of the note section on our gold form. We test and validate all items once they arrive and will be able to inform you of the value we would pay for your items.

Hallmarked and un-hallmarked items

We pay the same price for hallmarked and un-hallmarked items, subject to testing (for larger quantities a Melt and Assay). Please note, that many items bought outside the UK may be stamped and not hallmarked. This means that the item is not guaranteed to be the carat that the stamp states.