At Hatton Garden Metals we are fully equipped with an in-house furnace to provide both our trade and public customers with a reliable and trustworthy melt and assay service. The full melt and assay process is completed on the same day, usually within two hours.

What is a melt and Assay?

In certain cases, in order for us to accurately value your items, they will require a melt and assay. This means that with your consent, your items will be melted down into a melt bar. The bar will then be x-rayed (assayed) to ascertain the gold content of the bar. You will then be paid based on the results of your assay.

Our Melt and Assay Services

All Hatton Garden Metals melts are carried out by our senior smelter who has a wealth of experience with melting gold and silver items. All customer melts are aimed to be completed within the same-day that we receive the items, ensuring that our customers are paid out on the same day with a payment method of their choice.

Our 8 point average assay technique ensures that our customers are provided with an accurate and fair assay result. Our state of the art assaying facilities, using the EDX3000 EDXRF spectrometer along with the ability to assay pin samples, drillings and bars up to 5 kilos, along with our 8 point average ensures that we are always staying ahead with the techniques available to offer accurate assays on both gold and silver.